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Alien Critters From Outerspace

Since the turn of the 19th Century Earths Radio Waves have been monitored. What would you
think of someone saying that? Split your sides laughing perhaps?...On the other hand, who on earth can disprove it? Reflect...

"We know intelligent alien lifeforms live on Mars" announces Fred (the editor of a French Newspaper) to the world.
"Really, I thought aliens landed on earth in 1938 ?" laughs Joe.
"They did! and they had their war machines with them" counters Fred.
"Prove it, You can't, can you! keep taking the tablets, Fred" Joes still laughing.

"Listen you can laugh now but thats only because they're all hiding, the Mars Opportunity Rover will eventually flush them out from their hideout, in Mars. After scaring us with their invasion force and retreating fast, we'll find them again" Freds growing weary at being laughed at, so he departs.

Star Trek Aliens

If this was suggested in good spirits at a pub, then you'd probably get a round of laughs from all corners of the pub.

"Hey, mate you've had one ale too much , haven't you? here c'mon, this ones on us, why don't you come over and join in on the laughs."

- Theres negative Martian Activity here, over -

Courtesy Nasa/JPL-Caltech.

The SETI Institute. ( Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence.) The Seti Institute have been searching for extraterrestrials for the last 40 years. Here is their website link, Enjoy.

So theoretically, it is possible new lifeforms are alive and well on a plentiful, peaceful, alien worlds in the far distant regions of the galaxy. They could be an advanced, extremely peaceful, intelligent, powerful, friendly race of alien critters.

Aliens of unknown origins and mysticism, with a curiousness for the unknown, as the driving force, engaged in Interstellar Space Flight, charting the boundries of space, monitoring less developed worlds. Theoretically.

B'rel Class, Klingon Bird of Prey, D - 12 Scout.

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The Voyage Home.

Reflect on the Bounty's Voyage Home in Star Trek IV. Captain James Tiberius Kirk ( the only Starfleet Admiral still in command of a Starship, I think) together with his galant Enterprise crewmates, they heroically return to Earth in a Klingon B'rel-class, Bird of Prey to face charges of theft, damage, saving Mr Spocks life, saving earth for that matter.

The odds of returning in a rundown, clapped out Klingon ship did little to inspire Dr Mc Coys confidence. The HMS Bounty so aptly named by the good doctor, had all the toys of the 23rd century, courtesy of the Klingon Empire.

The year was 2285 and it was the earliest known bird of prey, B'rel Class, D-12 Scout. Despite her chronic condition, it was a technologically advanced ship.

She was capable of carrying 12 to 36 crew, had a maximum speed of warp 9, was 109 metres long, the arnament defences included: 2 disruptor cannons, 1 photon torpedeo launcher, deflector sheilds and a cloaking device. This early bird of prey was retired from service due to faulty plasma coils. This was the most popular of the Star Trek movies and i enjoyed the wit and rhythm of the film.
In order for extraterrestrial lifeforms to make the journey over space to our little ball of beings on planet Earth, they would need the HMS Bounty's level of technology (I Know, the Klingon ship is only fiction, I haven't lost my marbels, but im suggesting this from a metaphysical view point.) in order to make it so.

Mankinds ability to trek the stars in the 21st century is advancing. Our abilities to reach the moon is adventurous and impressive, chart space phenomenon via space telescopes is trully exciting, satellites are in orbit busy as ever. Its safe to say that spaceflight is serious business, no easy stroke of the pen.

Earthling knowledge of advanced Interstellar Spaceships, Starships, Timetravel comes from Science Fiction: Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr Who etc So, how would we greet our alien visitors if they turned up someday in all their glory with ships we can only dream of as depicted in our science fiction movies?

Heres Commander Rikers final word in the episode "attached " in the TNG, after he had enough and loses patience with two squabling opposing representatives of the planet Kesprit. Each side is looking to gain admitance to the United Federation of Planets, but trust unfortunately is just something sadly lacking in the Prit and Kes officials.

Riker is rolling his eyes now.

"That's it. I can see that diplomacy is not going to get us anywhere today. I do not have time for negotiatiation, so let's put all our cards on the table. You're concerned that the Kes are going to be admitted to the Federation." states comander Riker telling the Pritt official


"As First Officer of the Enterprise, i think i can promise you that won't happen. The Kes will be denied membership" - Commander Riker

" You have no authority to make that decision. Despite whatever games you played with the Pritt when you arrived, we still plan to take our petition to the Federation Council. They'll listen." retorts the outraged Kes Official.

"They will also listen to the reports of the Enterprise and it's First Officer. I can tell you now, the First Officers report will go something like this:

" Kesprytt, a deeply troubled world. Social, political and military problems that they have yet to resolve. The Kes, while a friendly and democratic people, are driven by suspicion, deviousness and paranoia. It is the opinion of this first officer that they are not ready for membership" - Commander Riker

Thanks for reading this far, Live long and Prosper!

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