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Commander Kruge Is a Dynamic,Powerthirsty,Merciless Klingon Warrior.

Commander Kruge is a dynamic, roughneck klingon warrior thirsty for power of Genesis. His subordinates address the Klingon as "Lord Kruge or "My Lord" however lives were of little value to him and like an empty fire extinguisher were discarded unceremoniously when their usefulness ran out.

Kruge is a fierce, combative, easily aggravated, powerthirsty klingon and owns a scarey, crocodile looking pet dog. The perfect mean klingon. Kruge's second in command called Kirks ship a " Federationship Battlecruiser" Relishing the thought of a victorious battle with the starship, Kruge must have felt triumphant with this discovery. His ship was cloaked ready for battle.

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The Enterprise you see here is NCC 1701-A. She was refitted after her historic five year space flight. Virtually rebuilt from scratch using the shell of the old Enterprise, the differences are visible. You can see new warp nacelles, new impulse engines, the deflector dish has been replaced, new photon torpedo tubes, new running lights, new phaser banks even the hub of the saucer section, the bridge looks redesigned.

The Enterprise is armed to the teeth with firepower and has a crew ready at a moments notice for engagement with a hostile force. Lets not forget however, that the federations flagship of this era was a vessel of exploration and peace interested in seeking out new life and making first contact, with warp technological worlds.

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This meant absolutely nothing to Commander Kruge. Kruge was a klingon from an earlier era of thinking. Even though there was a treaty signed in good faith currently in effect keeping the peace between Klingon and earthling, Kruge had his own ideas and peace sure was not one of them.

" I've come a long way for the power of Genesis and what do I find? A weakling human, a Vulcan boy, and a woman!" disappointment is written all over Kruge's face.
Savic bravely grovels for their lives and tells Lord Kruge that the Genesis device is a failure.
"A failure. The most powerful destructive force ever created."

Unconvinced Kruge beams up to his ship. In his usual forceful style he demands a report.
"We are cloaked, Enemy vessel approaching "
Delighted the klingon commander settles into his command seat with his wet crocodile pet growling for attension at his side.

"Good this is just the turn of luck I've been waiting for."

Kruge had no respect for treaty agreements between the Federation and his klingon home planet. Snuffing out lives was routine stuff for our likeable Klingon, a bit like Picard having Earl Grey for tea. Kruge was an interesting character from an entertainment point of view and Christopher Lloyd did a great job playing the brutal rogue klingon.

The Enterprise was a formidable starship. However her age and damaged ship systems meant Scotty much needed "Magic Miracle Worker Touch" was vital to get the ship rigged for spaceflight. On approach to his cloaked vessel, Kruge figured, here she is !the flagship of my enemies. The mere sight of the USS Enterprise approaching slowly must have been an electrifying moment of near victory for him.

"Admiral Kirk, this is your opponent speaking"

Kirk huffs and puffs about treaty violations and war.
Kruge is fearless and continues, outraged by Kirks bluff.
"Do not lecture me about treaty violations. The federation in creating an ultimate weapon has become a gang of intergalactic criminals. It is not I who will surrender it is you. On the planet below I have three prisoners from the team who developed your doomsday weapon. If you do not surrender, I will exe---- them, one at a time as enemies of galactic peace."

Kirk is furious and demands,

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"Who is this? How dare you take prisioners!

" Who I am is not important, that I have them is" Kruge allows Kirk to speak to the prisoners.
Unimpressed by Davids last remark , Kruge is defiant.
"And now to prove my intensions are sincere, I shall k--- one of the prisoners."
Star Trek 3 " The Search For Spock" to use our klingons words was an " exhilarating" movie. Kruge lived for battle and the conquest of power.

The Almighty Federation had unlimited resources and Kirk wielded the power. He had the Enterprise and the "secrets" of the Genesis torpedo. Kruge saw the Federation and Kirk as his enemies and himself as the heroic undefeated opponent. Seizing the moment of opportunity whenever the devil smiled in his direction, Kruge sought for only one thing. To defeat his powerful opponent. In doing this, he could seize the power of the Genesis Device for himself and rule the galaxy.

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers!

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