Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Kirks Ghost or is Picard Hallucinating?

Captain James T Kirk is eyeballing Picard and the TNG captain is holding his ground, staring back. Clearly Picard is hallucinating. Worf doesn't seem that bothered by the arrival of our maverick Captain Kirk and Security haven't been called to the rescue. So this is further evidence that Kirk isn't here. The burdeons of command must be getting to Jean Luc, which only proves hes flawed like the rest of us humans.

It does however confirm a suspicion, that the heroic Captain Picard has been feeling confused. With the arrival of Captain Scott aboard the Enterprise,( Scotty was reported missing 75 years earlier and discovered by the Enterprise aboard the Jenolen, locked inside a transporter beam diagnostic cycle.) Picard sought out Captain Montgomery Scotts company on the holodeck.

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I remember the expression of awe and wonder on James Doohans face as Scotty saw his ships bridge again. It was a magical moment, for him and for the fans. Trully special. The sheer delight and yearning for the past with his old crewmates, it must have evoked, in Mr Scott followed by sadness and anger as he left, was felt by all Star Trek fans everywhere watching "Relics" that day, to be sure.

Scotty had created the bridge deck of his old constitution, USS Enterprise on the holodeck of the Enterprise -D over seven decades later, his home or "your Enterprise" as Picard put it when he spoke of her to Scotty. Together they regaled each other with Aldebaran whisky and stories of previous commands. You can see from the image that Captain Picard has returned to his bridge, perhaps well and trully liquored or maybe Kirks ghost wants to have a quiet word with the captain about Scott. (This Image can be viewed on Flickr.)

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