Monday, October 02, 2006

USS Enterprise 1701-A Battle damage

Here is the Federations finest, U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-A commanded by Captain James T. Kirk. The Enterprise barely escaped doom from total destruction and with battle damage repaired, she returns to spacedock after a murderous firefight inflicted by Khan and his merciless band of merry men and women! Look at the damage, the Enterprise is black and blue, from the thrashing Khan gave her.

"Ah Kirk, my old friend, revenge is a dish best served cold. It is very cold in space." reflects Khan
" But they're travelling without shields" queries a bewildered second in command.
"Yes of course, we are all one big happy family" predicts the exhiled Prince of millions, with fondess.
"They're hailing us" informs the Khan subordinate.
" Let them eat static" responds Khan gleefully

Look at the colour of the ship. The ship got roasted by Kirks old friend and was badly crippled. Imagine being a young ensign or any member of crew, stuck inside the Enterprise as Khan did his utmost best to blow her to bits. The ship was full of trainees, inexperienced, and faced with the first battle of their young lives. One can only imagine the panic, as trainees scrambled for cover, desserting their posts, fearing for their lives with explosions going off, inside and outside the ship.

Fires and electrical shortouts had nightmare consequences with safety doors sealing off decks, slamming down and trapping crew. Without drastic action the ship would destabilize and more lives would be lost. The noise from Khan's phaser blasts must have been very scary and deafening without the shields protecting the hull of the Enterprise.

"Is the word given Admiral," asked Scotties dying nephew.
"The word is given " reasured Kirk
"Warp Speed"

Thinking his comrades safe, the ensign slipped into a peaceful long sleep.
"He stayed at his post, when all the other trainees ran" explained a distraught Chief Engineer Scott to Captain Kirk.
These are the dangers and voyages of The Starship Enterprise. Live Long and Prosper Trekkers!


Scott Ritchie said...

Its Not NCC-1701-A Pictured is NCC-1701

Spacerguy said...

You're on the ball my trekkie friend, well spotted! Of course, logically, I was examining the scenario from all angles and was testing you.

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