Sunday, October 01, 2006

Yeti's Highway Escape

Yeti takes a road trip!
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Smiling at you in the mirror is a gentle hearted critter, making his way to Kansas! His name is Yeti and he's a hairy snowman, a good spirited alien determined to reach the people of Earth. Yeti has been seat belted carefully into the passenger seat, by his driver Marcus, isn't that thoughtful? The cars behind are trying to catch up, giving chase, odds are, they could even be the paparazzi. Yeti has become somewhat of a noted celebrity recently, since anouncing his existence to Earths ball of beings in July, '06 and leaving behind his unhappy, gloomy life in the Himalayas Mountains.

Yeti is happy to take a breather and keep an eye on the car chase at the same time, as his chaufeur driven car makes its speedy getaway. The temperature of the car is cool and the radio is playing but somehow the cars behind are playing on the snowmans mind.Yeti is a naturally shy creature of habit, used to crouching and hiding from humanoids. Nothing to fear here. Specific instructions have been given to Marcus (A Dodgems Driving Pro) by Yeti's agent, Michelle, to give these scallywags the slip, only when neccessary and without speeding.

" Yeah, right" says Marcus to Yeti, fuming as they drove away in the car.

" What Bananna tree does she think i fell off ?" Marcus enquired feelingly.

" Michelle just doesn't want you practising your dodgem skills, with me in this car, but she knows you're the best in the business!" explained Yeti, chuckling momentarily.

" You better believe it son, i'm Mr Speedy Gonzalles, Mr Quicksilver, Remember Roadrunner? That was my favourite cartoon growing up!" answered Marcus gleefully.

" Theres no TV in the Himalayas Mountains remember?" prompted Yeti.

" O, Yeah " Replied Marcus, feeling cranky.

Weary of all the previous days interviews, cameras and flashing lightbulbs, but still delighted with his new found stardom, Yeti is looking forward to spending time with his human friends and giving graphic details, of the exciting high speed daring car chase and the growling of the cars V8 engines. The prying eyes of the paparazzi were hot on their tracks. Yeti found it fun watching Marcus wrestling at the wheel of the big car and ditching the entourage of cars at the railway tracks in a cloud of dust.

Some of the Paparazzi guys got out of their cars, defeated and looking very gloomy indeed. They continued walking in circles with their mobiles pressed to their eardrums. Others Just stayed in the car with mad furious looks of rage on their faces, at being cheated, grinding their teeth silently. Some even banged the roof tops of their cars in sheer frustration at being stranded at the train lines, with the Express Delivery Train speeding along blocking their path.

"It was hilarious, You just had to see them. " chortled Yeti " We actually waved goodbye! "

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