Monday, December 04, 2006

Bill Shatner and Tim Gaskill.

Bill Shatner and Tim Gaskill (interviewer) had a barrell of laughs at G4 Studio over Bills New Games, Star Trek Legacy and Star Trek Tactical Assault.
This question was a beauty.

How do you feel about extending the whole Star Trek metaphor, the universe, in the interactive domain? sounds Tim all serious and proffessional like.
A playful bewildered look flashes over Bills face.
" What does that question mean? Are you cursing?" enquires our Star Trek hero injecting some fun into the interview.
Tim talks to Bill about his games,the secret to Bill's success, star trek convention circuits, tv commercials, the big bang, his tv roasting and geeks.

Fun Times for Leonard Nemoy and Bill Shatner.

" So the games are adult orientated but the kids only have time to play them. So theres a strange problem there and if you find an adult that plays them (games) are they more childlike?" W.S.
" I think so, I think they're a kid at heart." T.G.
" Is that the definition of a geek? W.S.
" Absolutely in one fell swoop!" T.G.

Geeks who watch this will feel special. It's fun to watch. I laughed. A mobile phone rang during the interview. Oh no! you might think, but not so, Bill shatner turned it around and had everyone laughing! Watch the video for yourself Bill Shatner's Interview at

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers!

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