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USS Voyagers "Favourite Son"

In the episode Favourite Son, Harry's visit to the Planet Tiresia has some very unexpected but wellcome surprises in store for him . Tiresia's natives are populated with 90% of beautiful females and the male population is only 10% Harry is the Center of attention and the women on Tiresia are swooning over Voyagers Bridge Operations Officer!

By this stage Harry is being transformed into a Tiresian, He's got these weird spots all over his neck and forehead. The females wellcome Harry who they claim is a member of their species. They explain that his father left their planet a long time ago in order to implant Harry's embro into his Terran mother.

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The doctor confirmed that Harry had dormant Tiresian DNA fragments that are now activated. But how did it get there? It transpired that Voyagers ensign was infected by a retrovirus.It could have been something he ate, drank or touched on stardate 50698.

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Harry meets a guy called Tamin who's enjoying all the delights the planet has to offer , the free women, drink, 5 star luxury hotel accomodation, mood enhancers - administered by the lovely darlings, deep relaxing back rubs to relax the muscels and thoses special one on one encounters with a Tiresian beauty of your choice. Trouble is Tiresian males are spoilt with the choice of joining with three beautiful Tiresian vamps.

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Tamin explains - This is Mollia, she's going to be my first wife.
Harry- " You're already planning on a second?"
Tiresian Female "and a third."
Tamin is nodding and smiling profusely, but the story takes an unfriendly uturn.

Little does Tamin know that these lovely wives of his will imediately after his joining, drain the life out of him during their mating.
Tamin- " Don't be afraid to indulge yourself Harry, everyone here wants you to be happy. You're important to us."

Tamin gets joined with his three Tiresian females and the marriage is complete after a ritual ceremony. Helpless, painted and blindfolded, poor Tamin is led off for the slaughter where his lovely wives will feast on his body during the mating process.

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Harry discovers Tamins Skin and bones with an unexpected bounty, one of his ruthless, cold blooded wives, who explains:
" We must nucleate a large number of cells to collect enough genetic material for conception"
Harry is appalled and shocked.

" Thats why there are no men here, they don't leave with their embryos in status, they're killed!."
Tamins Cold Blooded Wife
"Any father should be willing to sacrifice himself for the continuation of his race"

Voyager penetrated the Pollaron Grid surrounding the planet and snatched Ensign Kim from the evil clutches of the life draining vampires and whisked him to safety. There should be a law against those vampires!

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers!

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