Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Seven of Nine

In 2374 Seven of nine was captured and liberated by the friendly intrepid class Voyager (NCC-74656).  The beautiful Jeri Ryan looks awesome in her many Starfleet costumes that just makes my heart tremble with excitement everytime I see her. But Seven, as we got to know her was more than just the tight fitting sexy body stockings which she wore. She played a spectacular Borg drone very skilfully. Once aboard Voyager the transformation was totally amazing. She boldly explored the boundaries of human capabilities with the intelligent way she communicated, spoke and carried herself. Her cool, indifferent character proved to be a valuable member of Voyager's crew and while she struggled to free her mind from the Collective Hive Mind and regain her individuality something thrilling always happens. 

I truly enjoyed watching Jeri stride across the deckplates all packaged up in her wonderful new Voyager outfit but it wasn't that. For the first time in her life, she had to cope without the help of the "other voices" from the unified Borg drones to reassure her. Seven of nine was discovering her human identity and unfettered by her separation, Seven delivered on time and dispensed with formalities in her fiery Borg voice. I guess you could say, Voyager's crew welcomed Seven of Nine into their human starship collective.

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Assimilated from an early age of seven in 2355 on the USS Raven, Seven has only vague memories of her earlier life as Annika Hansen. Her human parents were Magnus Hansen and Erin Hansen but they too, were assimilated and put to work by the Borg. For 19 years this unfortunate human lived with various Borg implants and nanoprobes in her system.

Born on Earth in 2348 on the Tendara Colona Colony, she lost her indivuality and became a walking, talking, piece of Borg hardware raised by Borg as Borg. Her full Borg designation is Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One.

Seven Of Nine

Linked to the hive, sevens thoughts became organised and together, her previous family of drones achieved true feats of perfection, assimilating civilisations, without chaos, without emotion or human remorse. The Borg Assimilate, resistance is futile, your existance as you knew it is over. You will become one with the Borg.

Seven of Nines Borg designation was an earful so Captain Janeway suggested " Seven " catchy you might think? Seven, though not impressed, found it acceptable.

Harry Kim found Seven lips acceptable in every way. The Captains paired Seven and Kim together. Kim develops a crush on seven after working with her in the Astrometrics Lab.

Sevens optical implant gives her an edge because she can measure Harry Kims physiological human responses. Kims failing attempts at winning her over lead the Borg to making the first move.

Hardly surprising Ensign Kim abandons any further advances on his secret crush. Garrett Wang admitted in an interview that there is a kissing scene which involves himself and Jeri Ryan.

It was a nice experience, primarily because Jeri and I have really plump lips.

Well, we could see what was going on Garrett! You lucky devil!

Dream Long and Prosper Trekkers!


annette143@gmail.com said...

Very Nice tribute!

Wapiti said...

Sometimes, when it is 35 below in the middle of Montana, a frostbitten mind tends to wander, this time to the Borg..... and Obama. Feel free to pass this on, and perhaps our new Pres. will hear of it and respond. Back to the subject, the Borg is known to Star Trek fans as a collective of minds, perhaps similar to our present day internet, out to conquer the Universe.

The most popular member of the Borg is "Seven of Nine" played by Jeri Ryan, maybe one of the most beautiful women in the Universe. Jeri was married to Jack Ryan, and as things happen, went through a divorce involving custody of their son. Also as happens in our country, one spouse will often sling as much mud on the other and hope some of it sticks, usually of deviant sexual nature, to gain whatever leverage in court, or to extort some position against the spouse.

Go forward a few years, and x- husband Jack Ryan is running for the Senate as a Republican in Illinois. The sealed records of the divorce are "unsealed" somewhat as a result of internet pressure, and Jack is out of the race, resulting in an unknown Democrat named Obama to win that Senate race. With skillful use of the internet (collective) Obama soon won the Presidential race also.


Spacer Guy said...

I agree, resistance is futile. I've been absorbed!

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