Saturday, January 06, 2007

Leonard Nimoy's Memories Part 2

Leonard Nimoy talks about his favourite episodes in this 1983 vintage video." The Enemy from Within (episode no 5, season 1) was our version of the Dr. Jekell and Mr. Hyde story. So we had two Kirks on board (the U.S.S. Enterprise) now. One evil and one good. Now the writer had intended that Spock would sneak up behind the evil Kirk and hit him over the head with the butt of his phaser. (Leonard voiced concern about this to his director.) There has to be a more sophisticated way of rendering a victim unconscious."

Leonard Nimoy Part2

"Spock did go to the Vulcan Institute of Technology and he studied human anatomy very carefully". Com'on. It's the 23'rd century here, not the dark ages ( as i'm sure Dr. McCoy would have put it!) "Vulcans do have the special ability to project a certain special energy from their fingertips which when properly applied to human pressure points on the neck and the shoulders the human will be rendered unconscious. The director said lets try it. "

Bill Shatner knew what Leonard Nimoy had in mind. "When I came up behind Bill and put my hand on his neck and shoulder, he really sold it. It was his reaction that makes you believe it really works! So in this scene watch Bill." Leonard enlightens the none too wise Star Trekker with Star Trek moments in time that even today are fresh and interesting to watch. Star Trek will never go out of fashion! Part 2 of 4. Watch and enjoy.

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