Friday, March 30, 2007

Terminator H.K. Fireproof and Deathless.

"The terminator staggers out of the blaze behind them. The last flakes of flesh are falling from him like burning leaves and his gleaming structure is revealed in its entirety. looks like death rendered in steel. A chrome skeleton with hydraulic muscles and tendons of flexible cable. In the eyesockets of the metal skull, the eyeballs swivel with a whirr of their tiny servos, both glowing red now. It turns slowly and fixes its gaze upon her."

Sci Fi fans know what these famous words mean.

This excerpt is taken from "A Treatment For A Feature Film Screenplay" by James Cameron.

If you loved the Terminator films you'll enjoy this read based on our ruthlessly logical, fully armoured H.K. friend, brilliantly performed by Arnold Swartzenegger.

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers. Enjoy Your Star Trekking!

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