Monday, May 14, 2007

Star Trek Space

I like to write about Star Trek. I've been a fan for over twenty years. So here's my Trekkie patter. Star Trek is reinforced with the use of real science and imaginary science to make the vast expanse of space, a starry eyed blast, for clueless, hopeful, earthlings like me on a quest for

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1) Self gratification 2) Chilling out with Trekkie mates 3) Learning about protostars and other geeky science stuff 4) Tripping out with your coolest trek characters and travelling to new worlds. 5) Escaping Reality. (21st Century Earth Technology Sucks) 6) Finding out about your favourite stars.

Star Trek Space is my growing record of Star Trek Capers which keep me amused. So Explore the cosmic world of Star Trek in the spatial archives of Star Trek Space and you'll discover plenty Star Trek capers... If your the trek type that likes to read, you'll find, specialised and amusing posts. I've included posts on interstellar space bodies and mysterious places in outerspace and cool Star Trek adventures.

Why is Spock funny? Why did the Klingons look human in the early years? Does Seven of Nine have any feelings? Whats Data made of?

And crucial of all, Who's the better captain, Picard or Kirk? Heres a hint, one likes to talk and take cover behind the safety of the Federations greatest galaxy class flagship, while the other captain beams down into all danger and even gets embroiled in life and death situations often involving his fists!(after logic has failed of course)

Star Trek Space will satisfy your curiosities, going boldly and exploring where no trekkies have gone before. Enjoy your Star Trekking.


Colm Smyth said...

Hey spacerguy, I preferred your blog when it was "Star Trekking - The SciFi Blog" !

But whatever the name, you still have the most passionate and dedicated Star Trek blog around!

Keep on trekking!

spacerguy said...

Thanx Colm. I've decided to write about Star Trek and OuterSpace from now on. Its the new Spacerguy experiment. HaHaHaHa Lets hope it works, it should be good for a laugh.

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