Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Star Trek Fun Facts Part2

Hold on to your communicators Trekkies, its not what you think. Its one of those awkward moments with Kirk and Spock. (Star Trek The Original Series) having one of their many.... emotional debates. It must be the Vulcans weak human half causing the problems. Just kidding. Of course Mr Spock always denies it.

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Star Trek promoted liberal thinking during a volatile era. The morality of its tales encouraged star trek fans and viewers to think along the lines of peace, harmony, racial tolerance, and equal opportunities embracing liberal beliefs with,

"All men are equal, no matter what the color of their skin" and "No good comes of getting involved in other peoples wars."

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In 1968, Star Trek aired the first controversial interracial kiss between Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura. Plato's Stepchildren was victorious and conquered the frontiers of television for the first time. In the end NBC filmed a trade-off with Kirk and Uhura kissing two ways involving thirty six takes! The studio filmed the infamous interracial kiss scene so carefully that viewers never actually got to see the sweet couple's lips touching.What a shame! By the time it aired, Station Managers were clueless about Plato's content which took America by comlete surprise.

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In Star Trek Enterprise, viewers get to see Vulcan hottie T'Pol's bare behind. Jolene Blalock butt is nicely tanned and smooth looking. Chief Engineer Trip is hypnotized by T'pol beauty. This is a rare moment in Star Trek.

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers! Enjoy The Galactic Archives of the Star Trek Space!


Dwacon said...

I missed that episode. Thanks for the screen shot.

Spacerguy said...

Your welcome Dwacon. T'pol is interesting from many angles.

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