Friday, June 22, 2007

Picard wrecks Vaders Star Destroyer

Star Trek's Enterprise NCC 1701-D Rules! Captain Picard wrecked Darth Vaders Super Star destroyer and beat his forces of evil into submission. Bye, Bye, little ships. Woo Hoo! Star Trek is the best! This is fun to watch, its like watching a sci fi movie!
"Thats carrying enough arnament tp pulverise a planet." warns Riker.
" Red alert, battle stations, bring us to an attack posture Mr Worf!" commands Picard.
" Fire at Will!" bellows Picard with a confused looking Riker following his captains lead.

Remember Governor Wilhuff Tarkin in Star Wars? His crew got blown to smithereens on the Star Destroyer's bridge with Vader nearby, yet somehow Vader survives the attack and subsequent collapse of their viewscreen. I guess no-one can kill that evil lord!!! Hmmmmm... Neither were the crew sucked out into the vacuum of space either which would have been totally amusing. There's dark side forces at work here, or maybe it was the ships emergency force fields that saved them.

The upshot of it is some unimportant general guy croaks it on the bridge along with another crewman that gets iced when the Federations Flagship Enterprise, blows Vaders Super Star Destroyer to bits. Lets be soooooo clear about this. The Star Destroyer was a burning hulk of metal in space! WooHoo! Yet at the very end... the Generals crew is ALIVE with Vader. So while Captain Picard's Enterprise conquered Vader's Super Star Destroyer, more like totally pulverized and wasted it..... YESSSS!!!! The Federation beat an Imperial Super Star Destroyer! YESSSS, (This is a momentous occasion for Trekkies.) Vader apparently wins on a technicality because he's still alive with the reincarnated crew of Governor Tarkin. Meh. This just can't be allowed. I must Protest! Watch the vid and judge for yourselves.

Curse that sagging rust bucket!!!! It's not fair, we Trekkies won!! We did!! but
Darkside Star Warsians got the better of us. Trekkie fans must demand a rematch. Of course Emperor Palpatine gangs up on the beleaguered Enterprise and Picard turns chicken, hastening the Enterprises speedy departure obviously added to make the Federation look cowardly. Like Trekkies so needed Q right about now, where was that dude? D-mn Picard, if it had been Kirk in command, he would have kicked ass. My guess is the maker of this Star Wars video is obviously one of Vader's dark side associates. Perhaps its Vader Propaganda but totally awesome fun to watch. I reckon Picard's Galaxy Class USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D still won? and Darth Vader's Star Destroyer got wasted. Hehehe....

Do not underestimate the power of the USS Enterprise! Live long and Prosper Trekkies!


sfgirl said...

LOL! Keep 'em coming!

Spacerguy said...

Count on it!

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