Saturday, July 28, 2007

Nimoy's Star Trek XI Nose

At Comic-Con William Shatner, Star Trek Superstar and Space happy hero to millions of Sci Fi enthusiasts, was wooing the Trekkies and getting us all excited. Bill is on stage doing what he loves doing best. Entertaining.
Have you asked Leonard about whats happening? Bill queries the happy fans in the packed auditorium.
"Yeah" shouts out an elated admirer.
"and he doesn't know? Leonard knows nothing huh?" Bill teases the fans. Everyone was totally mesmerised.

"He knows everything!!!!" yelled Bill openly.
The fans burst out into laughter at the news.
"When he comes out here we are going to quiz him!" explains Bill
"Yeah" comes an enthusiastic reply.
"You'll help me. Because....heres...heres what...I'm going to tell you, what happened. I'm so excited." continues Bill.
Everyone in the audience is laughing.
"J.J. Abrams calls, he'd like to talk to you" explains Bill.

"Oh ho Star Trek, Yessss!"
More laughter from Trekkies.
"So I go down to the Paramount Offices, have a look around, haven't been there in years and I go to Outfit and J.J. says"
"Well, you know we got the skids, we got the thing or guns" and Bill says
"Really," we go why I did it??
"Well you know we got to make plans" replies J.J.
"and I'm (Bill) there for 3 hours, at the end of which, I leave the building and I still don't know what it was about." The audience is in stitches chuckling. (I figure, the confusing dialogue on Bill's part is to keep the fans guessing.)

So J.J. Abrams is a wonderful great talent, perfect to direct, write and produce. Three months later he calls me and he selects me. Now I'm working on Boston Legal, he elects to come down and visit with me. So he comes down and he spends lunch with me!!!" Laughter come from the fans.
"He talks and talks and I got this, I got that. When he leaves, I thought what was that all about?" The Trek fans are constantly laughing along with Shatner who is in top form in this YouTube clip.

"So one day, I forget which, Leonard calls me or I call him and I say, do you know anything about the news?" (I guess Bill means Star Trek XI)
"I know a little about it. Whats going on?" asks Nimoy over the phone.
Bill's in a very emotional state by now. hahaha. Its funny to watch. So he asks
"Leonard, have you read the script?"
"Yeah, I read the script" replies Leonard.
"Well am I in it?" demands Bill Shatner, swamped with emotional strain.
The Comic-Con audience is listening very closely now and then roar with laughter.

"and Leonard goes hahahahahahahah" explains Bills to an exhilarated audience.
"hahahahahahahahha" the fans love it and are clapping.
"No your not" answers Leonard. The trek fans scream with laughter.
"With delight" teases Bill.
"With glee" double teases Bill, who's in his stride now and is actually having fun with the fans. Thats what I love about this guy. You can actually tell, hes having as much fun with the sci fi fans as we are with him.
"I'm not in the picture." cries Bill and the crowd goes

"What do I say?" reasons Bill
More Laughter and aaaw's from the audience.
"So then, so then, well i'm not in it. Here I am. I'm sort of popular now" Screams of laughter echo around the hall.
"If I was a business man who was writing a script, I'd take on who's popular. Nimoy's retiring. He's living in Lake Taho, scr-w him. The fans appreciate the good humour in this and are howling again for more.
"Lets get Shatner, hes winning Emmys." People are Laughing, Cheering and Clapping. Fans love this talk. Even Bill Shatner is getting exuberant.
"There you go, you're getting better. So wait, so then the tabloids get a hold of it. I must have said something like I just told you and they say I'm campaigning for the role!!" Everyone is in stitches laughing.

"Somebody tell me how you campaign for a role" More laughter. The fans can't get enough of Bill's clever wit. "and that I'm angry. I'm not angry. Bill makes a sad sobbing sound which made the fans hoot with merriment. This was followed by further Trek Grand Staging which the scientfictionists simply loved.
"I am just sad" confesses Bill. Sci Fi lovers are assimilating Captain Kirk's commands word for word.
"I wish I were in it but I'm not in it what can I tell you." Explains the captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-A to his followers.

"But somethings going on there and Nimoy knows" explains Bill humorously. Trekkers are splitting their sides now.
"and when I say Nimoy knows" fits of laughing come from the audience
"I mean Nimoy's nose knows nose knows. His nose knows. So we'll find out from him whats going on!"

Star Trek fans were delighted.

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkies, Niners and Trekkers!


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Let's hope the movie is a good one!

Andrew J Robertson said...

Hahaha... Funny stuff.

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