Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Spock Saves Captain Kirk

Its flying around Trek circles that Spock's got a part in Star Trek XI but not Kirk. This is enough to puzzle trekkies right to the core. So why Spock and no Kirk? I can just imagine Dr McCoy's fury already...."Wheres the d-mmed logic in that?" So the question I find myself asking now is, will I go see Star Trek XI with the newer Kirk and Spock? Aaa haa... and how about the older MR Spock? My movie XI theory is MR Spock must get caught up in some kind of time storm affecting the space time continuum.

The new Kirk and Spock concept has gained popular movie momentum with Paramount already electing for a younger cast. Exciting favourites like Matt Damon and Brent Spiner have ruled themselves out for future roles in Star Trek movies stating that they're "Too old!" William Shatner on the other hand has stated that he's "saddened and disappointed" for not being considered.

This was the real Kirk's chance to show his movie magic again and impress sci fi audiences with grand heroics, wit, emotionalism, intelligence, pure logic with an epic Star Trek movie designed to assimulate trek fans into a new collective. I guess trekkers fans and sciencefictionalists, we're all ready for the fun?

How about a U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-A trippy Time-Travel plan for a movie notion, with the green blooded, pointy eared Spock? The omnipitant Q entity who's great at injecting humour and leaving dejected lifeforms wherever he goes always makes for an entertaining random element everytime. A slingshot around the sun (in search of our hero Captain Kirk who's living in the past) so Spock can pinpoint Kirk's time co-ordinates and life-form readings beyond the nexus is essential. Spock needs to warp past the point where Kirk got iced, give him the option to save the galaxy again and avoid a terrible end on Veridian III in 2371. Wa-hey!!!

MR Spock's time computations will easily save Kirks life. Seeing the legendary captain beamed across cinematic screens worldwide will thrill trek seekers who have come to know him so well during their epic battles on Star Trek. I know I have. It should be a breeze for Spock's analyical mind and Paramount. He could even enlist Uhura, Checkov and Mr Sulu for the rescue mission.

We need you, Kirk!! and pointy ears to save the galaxy again... After all Captain James Tiberius Kirk is the ultimate Science Fiction Spacehound, who's beaten off spooky space satans with photon torpedoes and his bare fists. Trekkers know Kirk snuffed it in Star Trek 7 therefore time-travel is required.

Shame really we haven't got a 21st century U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-A. Picture a nice little cruise deep into cardassian space with a mean opponent incarcerated in the Enterprise's lockup. The Science Officer visits the ship's Brig. The conversation has begun.

"Our ships main energizer was offline, so it would appear that we need a volunteer Mr Zorn to testrun our main transporters." the prisioner reacts with outrage.

"Is this how starfleets treat prisoners? You inhuman, illogical, miserable no-good. You can count me out. You don't scare me." says Zorn looking defiant.

"I'm not giving you a choice Mr Zorn." The Second Officer is ruthless.

"You'll never get away with this Vulchie, my family have friends in Starfleet. I won't be forgotten" cries Zorn.

"It is highly unlikely the Enterprise will get blamed for your tragic mishap owing to your desperate preoccupation in beaming over to your own shuttle. I even heard our captain warn you, plead with you not to go. Security lower the force field." Orders the cold hearted vulcan.

Lets hope the science officer is'nt too tough on Zorn. No-one wants to become a transporter accident. ! But then in the early warp5 Enterprise days, transporters were lethal contraptions for earthies. Its interesting to note that starfleet crews don't chuck bad guys out space airlocks or torture them. Pity really, seeing as the 007 Moonraker movie did a brilliant job depicting how its done, with James Bond sending Hugo Drax flying outside the Moonraker space station airlock. Bond was so cheerful about it too and they waved megalomanic Drax goodbye. "Heartbroken Mr Drax?" Drax was stuck for words naturally as he had a stinger in his chest.!

Live Long and Prosper Trekkies!


Andrew J Robertson said...

Well, Zachary Quinto is officially cast as the younger Spock and Nimoy is returning as the older Spock. Check out my blog for info: http://startrekbuzzblog.com/

My feeling is the Spock looks back (in a time where Krik is dead) at his first adventure with Kirk in a giant flashback.

At Comic-Con, JJ Abram's did mention that he's trying to incorporate Shatner in as Kirk somehow if they can think of a way to have it make some sense.

Spacerguy said...

Shatner's Kirk entity died in Star Trek Generations clinging to a metal bridge, blubbering O my. I hope Paramount fix that mistake, Kirk is a warrior and deserves to die on his feet in battle at the very least.

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