Friday, August 03, 2007

Spooky Science Fiction Thrills

In 2364 Captain Picard nearly leapt to deadly sci fi oblivion caused by a dicey experiment involving space, time and thought. Picture Captain Jean-Luc Picard gasping for air, as the cold abyss of outerspace squeezed the living life out of his body, much like that horrible aliens creature which Lt. Ripley fed into the maw of space. I leapt up from my seat for joy when that freaky mutant got iced. It was Yesss! Yesss! Yesss! So long sucker.

However, Jean Luc's death would have left Trekkies weeping everywhere. He's our last hope for peace in the Federation. Sniff. The Darth Vaders of the universe would have the place in complete ruins!

I love the Picard doorway just hanging in space, with cosmic starlines whizzing by the terrified captain as he clings to the Enterprise for dear life. I get a thrilling wave of terrific excitement when I watch this. Patrick Steward's acting sci-fi presence clearly demonstrates how spooky and exciting outerspace can be. Great job captain.

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It was really a clueless propulsion expert Lt. Kosinski and his "traveller" buddy with his unpronounceable name, who are responsible for the U.S.S. Enterprise's mysterious journey to galaxy M33. Kosinski's brainless calculations actually had everyone confused for ages! LOL. Except the "BOY" Yes, geeky Wesley. Still the Enterprise ended up 2,700,000 light years from home and guess what? The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-D was lost!. Now how could that have happened?

Its not often you get to see Picard weirded out by the laws physics aboard his own starship. The guy's actually afraid!!! You see it on his face. The episode Where No One Has Gone Before is loosely based on Diane Duane's Star Trek novel, The Wounded Sky. Except its with Captain James T. Kirk commanding. Yes, that old spacehound. Kirk has star trekked where no man has gone before!

Live Long and Prosper Star Trekkers!


Diane said...

(grin) The Picard Almost Falling Out Of The Ship image is a joke reference to the worldgates in my first novel, "The Door Into Fire." Picard's sequence with his Mom is Michael Reaves' contribution. Those two scenes are the only ones remaining in the shot version of the script of our original screenplay.


Welcome to the mad wild world of TV writing.

Spacerguy said...

I'm fascinated how Picard almost Falling Out Of The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-D came to be a joke reference in your first novel "The Door Into Fire." I'll have to get it. In the Star Trek episode "where no-one has gone before" the Picard/elevator shot is unlike anything I've ever seen in Sci fi ever before.

Its such a memorable shot for Trek fans for sure and I'm one of those guys. It was spooky stuff, and I loved It. That was genius Diane!! Michael Reaves' contribution with Picard's mom, now what a trip that was!

Her supernatural lifeforce totally spaced out Picard caused him an emotional outburst, gave him clues and helped illustrate to viewers that Picard had frailties. Sweet.

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