Wednesday, November 21, 2007

K'mpec's Dead Long Live Gowron.

Robert O' Reilly is one of Star Trek's exciting Klingon Characters. He plays Gowron, son of M'rel in Star Trek-TNG episode Reunion who as one of the two bloodthirsty contenders for the leadership of the High Council makes his challenge aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise-D laying claim to the Klingon Empire with Captain Picard as mediator. The other challenger is the shifty Klingon Duras. Stalling for time is'nt exactly Picard's style but the chancellor of the Klingon Empire and Leader of the High Council, K'mpec has been fighting off the grim reaper's evil grip for days now. Time is short and Sto-vo-kor's warriors are smiling down on K'mpec.

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Abassador K'Ehleyr, K'mpec's aide beams over from the flagship Vorn and tells Picard that the Klingon Empire is on the brink of civil war.. Klingon against klingon. Unless the Enterprise-D handles the "Klingon situation" Kronos will erupt ito whats sure to be a terrifying struggle for power dragging in neighbouring planets and eventually the precious Federation. K'mpec's still alive but has been poisoned with veridium six. He tells Picard aboard the Vorn that theres no cure. The dying Klingon leader wants Jean Luc Picard to Arbitrate the power struggle after hes snuffed it. Picard's trys to worm his way out but no-one else can be trusted! Now its Picard's duty to investigate which candidate murdered K'mpec using this sneaky slow acting poison and desinate a ruler for the glorious Empire!

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Sto-vo-cor forbid should a sneaky, dishonourable Klingon ever be allowed to rule the Empire! Veridium six smacks of Romulans!! Picard was in the deep deep sh--. Up to his neck in it and he could'nt talk his way out of this one. HaHa! This is great science fiction with a mystery and characters gradually unfolding in a wonderful humanistic plot with worf tying them together. This material sets the ground work for Deepspace Nine, the darkest of all the Star Treks giving the spinoff series substance to work from with and an exhilerating, fighting Klingon character, Worf aka Michael Dorn.

Picard initiates the Ja'chuq much to Duras and Gowron's maddening outrage which delays matters long enough to snare K'mpec's murderous pahtk!! Worf springs into action and settles old scores in Reunion. The year is 2367 During this sci-fi year, Gowron's appointed chancellor. In 2368 Gowron's Leadership of the High Council is confirmed when he crushed the rebellion led by the cunning Duras sisters Lursa and B'Etor. The Duras family are powerful but women cannot serve on the council, so the Klingon lovelies present Duras's illegitimate son!!! Toral, who the sisters claim is Duras's rightful heir. Gowron is sickened.

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In a flash the madmans crazed eyes are alight with hatred and a depraved grin appears on his face. Gowron leaps from his council throne with his warriors d'k tahg in his hand.... A boy leader up for the High Council! "Don't make me laugh" sneers Gowron as he breaks up chortling. Toral is defiant but unnerved.

Gowron continues "What harlets lair did you find him in Lursa?" Humiliation is written all over Toral's face. Gowron rejects the insolent klingon boy and the council is split. This Klingon scoundrel Gowron became chancellor of the Empire and managed Kronos during civil war in the face of Dominion and Romulan interference. Gowron is a true Klingon warrior until about 2375 when he begins reckless battle strategies against the Dominion fighting a losing battle at the expense of his own warriors. Deepspace Nine's "Tacking Into The wind" sees an epic battle waged between two adversaries which snuffed out one of my favourite trekkie characters. sob, sniff. I'm still in shock.

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkers!


anonymousfemaleblog said...

Tacking Into The wind" sees an epic battle waged between two adversaries which snuffed out one of my favourite trekkie characters. sob, sniff. I'm still in shock.

Yeah. It really hurt, didn't it!

Spacerguy said...

I know what you mean, parting is always such sweet sorrow. Theres been so many badass Klingons, Kor, Kang, Chang, Kruge, Kmpec, Kehleyr and Gowron.

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