Monday, December 10, 2007

Star Trek Passion

Robert O' Reilly Chancellor Gowron in Star Trek TNG later starred in Deep Space Nine. This crafty Klingon survived and ruled the Klingon Home world by relying on instinct. Still aliens have opposed the Klingon, with only one ever really defeating him. Fear is the most foreboding of emotions. Klingons are the bravest sci fi warriors while their weakling counterparts Earthies cower in Fear.

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I must confess to being one of these humans but I'd much rather be a fearless Klingon. But (sigh) I'm just an earthie and I've got to wise up to the fact that I'm fated to be a mortal humanoid form for the rest of my days! It would be really neat to have superpowers!!

The mystique appeal of 24th century space travel and meeting other lifeforms keeps fans on the edge. Adrenalin hits the bloodstream and sends us into euphoria soaring momentarily over riding our cognitive thought processes. Its the usual "Star Trek Rush" experienced by sci fi addicts.

So Be logical, analyse the clues and don't swear! Don't let human emotionalism get the better of you, it important to remain objective. Quoting episodes occasionally is perfectly natural, no-one will blame you for your geeking out. When danger looms near don't give in to fear. Watch for these signs, its easy to get hooked on sci fi! 

Trekkers never miss an episode or convention, better again he or she watches star trek daily. Then theres the urgent desire to own all star trek episodes. Its the next logical step. (You can spend your whole life just watching trek and that doesn't count star wars, battlestar galactica, firefly or stargate etc)

Image Owner/Creator: Paramount Pictures or CBS Paramount Television.

Wide staring eyes, tingling sensation all over the body, hairs standing up on the neck, sweating hands and racing heartbeats are all indications that the nervous system has gone into sudden hyper drive or is that warp drive?

The nervous system senses the danger, be it physical or nonphysical, it doesn't matter the human body will flood lots of adrenaline into the earthie's bloodstream thus heightening his/her creativeness in response to the perceived danger. Dam where's Dr Leonard H. Mc Coy when you need a cordrazine stimulant?

Its fun thinking how glued to the box fans can become when our sci fi heroes are on tv. You know what? I'm proud to be a trekkie. trekker, whatever, aren't you?

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkinator!

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