Saturday, November 08, 2008

Science Fiction Internet Drama

I got an email from a guy called Rupert informing me of his new sci fi project on Kirill Fascinating is a word Science Officer Spock uses when unpredictable circumstances strike him with wonder and I have to admit the Vulcan is one of my favourite Star Trek characters.

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You can image my interest when I learned of Stuart Patrick. He’s also a believer in logic, order and theory. He’s also a computer geek just like our pal Mr Spock! The main character in Kirill is deluded, misunderstood, paranoid and frightened. But frightened of what? The end of the world, killer cyborgs, or perhaps heartless orcs from outer space or maybe we should fear the No 1 rule on Kirill’s hit list hidden inside the box.

Scary spooks, secret messages. telepathic powers, tortured minds round off in an underground chamber of horrors.

"Who are you?" demands Kirill who had until now, remained hidden from the evil chaos sweeping the world above.

"Do not fear me,’ says the orc calmly. "My name is Olive. Each man hides a secret pain. I can read your thoughts. You carry a heavy burden. Share your pain with me and gain strength from the experience."

"Never, stay the hell away from me," cries Kirill reaching for his gun.

But the orc is persistent "Listen to me friend, I can set your mind free."

"I don’t believe you. You’re one of them aren't you?" yells Kirill frantically.

Olive holds out her hand in friendship smiling evilly. "Who do you think I am?"

Kirill follows a set of rules which have guaranteed his survival so far. The gravity of his situation is beginning to dawn on him, if this orc found him, it wouldn't be long before more demons and orcs discovered his secret den.

Olive laughs again clearly enjoying the prospects of a silver lining from her latest victim. "What you fear is the unknown....."

Where does Vivienne Villars fit into all of this?

View episodes 1 and 2 on Kirill Uncovered. Episode 3 is due out on Monday 10th November.

Live long and Prosper Trekkers and Orcs.


adele said...

This is one of the greatest shows of all time.This was a Great Episode that surprised you at the very end. STAR TREK was and still is the cleverest, noblest, most innovative and most positive show ever created.Enjoi all eps Star Trek Free here...

drew said...

I have seen lots of si-fi TV series. But this one is one of the best and my favorite TV Show. Its full of entertaining show.

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