Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Chekovs Betrayal (A Gift for Kirk Part 2)

Goddess of Sci-Fi got me started on this. I've continued the trekkie animation with madman Chekov wreaking havock on the universe and making enemies everywhere. Now the Klingons are mad. How will Spock cope with Captain Kirk missing in action? Here's your chance to create strange new lifeforms waging glorious space battles with enemies of galactic peace, so go forth trekkies and save the universe! The fabric of reality is depending on you! Its free and fun.

Spacerguy's Animation

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers.


Goddess of Sci-fi! said...

Ha ha ha! Like it alot - love the maniacal laughing and the shuttlecraft - LOL!

I will be posting links to all entrants in a few weeks time on my site if that's okay with you?

Thank you for entering

Goddess of SciFI

Spacerguy said...

Thanks. Your bridge atmosphere was priceless. I suspect your Enterprise got infected with some kind of happy virus. The crew were totally unaware about Kirk's crisis. Awesome!

My parody has an illogical thread with a crazy Chekov on the loose!

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