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Where No Man Has gone Before

Remember the nice but smart Dr Elizabeth Dehner played by Sally Kellerman who appears on the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 bridge in the episode "Where No Man has gone before?." Its Stardate 1312.4. Dehner introduces her role to Captain Kirk's bridge officers as ship's Psychiatrist studying the crews reactions to emergency conditions. Dr.Dehner even has time to calmly put Lt Commander Mitchel in his place when he was only cracking a joke with her. Still, Mitchel evens the score by calling her a walking freezer unit. Hehehe... The look on Dehner's face is priceless. Scotty's "Engineering Division" is ready as always and "Human Life Signs" not Dr McCoy's Sickbay is represented by an elderly Dr Piper. All the department heads report in at Kirk's request. Its fun to discover dialogue gremlins in "Where No Man Has Gone Before" because it captures humanity at its best with our favourite Star Trek TOS characters and shares that experience with viewers.

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Dr Dehner's purpose aboard the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 is soon put to the test when the Enterprise collides with a mysterious energy barrier at the edge of the galaxy. Unhappily Captain Kirk is just beginning his five year mission when a number of his crew members are killed and rendered unconscious by the ship's energy collision which also affects Lt Gary Mitchel and Dr Dehner who exhibit unusual signs of superiority after wards. The good Dr Dehner is cut down and rendered unconscious and mutates into a Godlike being. Gary and Elizabeth share a gradual transformation into omnipotent humanoids which coincides with the appearance of the energy barrier and the pairs high ESP abilities are no coincidence.

"Where No Man Has Gone Before" is the second pilot episode for the Star Trek TOS. Spock identifies Mitchel absorbing Sickbay's library files at a phenomenal rate which was a sure sign Mitchel was mutating fast and becoming more powerful. Time was running out for the Enterprise. Captain Kirk knew Gary's amusement with the Enterprise would soon wear off leading to boredom placing the Enterprise crew in grave danger. How would Gary react when he could no longer tolerate to look at humans or even play with them? The real question was, when were Mitchel's psychic abilities and powers going to threaten the Enterprise? Kirk's loyalty was torn between his duty to his ship and his friend which meant the Enterprise always came first. He wasn't about to sweat it out in a deadly game of cat and mouse and let her be destroyed.

After agonising about his friend, Captain Kirk decides to take action and save his crew from the dangerous mutating Lt Commander Gary Mitchel. Marooning Mitchel on the planetoid Delta Vega would be no easy task but soon backfires when the omnipotent Lt Commander breaks free of his confinement. Dr Elizabeth Dehner joins Mitchel on the planet and creates a paradise setting in an effort to distract Gary and win over his compassion but this fails also. Kirk finally comes to terms with what hes dealing with and realises his former friend turned deluded psycho killer had to be overpowered at all costs. Dehner helps Kirk defeat the zany Mitchel by using her powers and the Captains phaser rifle against him. It was a totally awesome fight to the death scenario which cost the heroic doctor her life. Elizabeth Dehner's dying words to Captain Kirk are, "You can't know what its like to be almost a god."

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkies and Trekkers!

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