Monday, June 01, 2009

Star Trek Universe

Greetings Trekkies and Trekkers, you could say I've been tripping with space happiness these past few weeks and lost track of time but wasn't the movie worth the wait? Here's the trailer again for all of you that loved the movie. These no doubt about it, Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek Universe has unfolded with a new and different alternate timeline. Fans have expressed considerable views about J.J. Abrams fun roller coaster Star Trek movie. Some say forget the original, this dazzling prequel is the very best yet... and this is where I'm tempted to reach for my phaser trekkies!.....and turn it on myself! .......I'm split in two over this but to blazes with it. I can't deny the facts, This movie is entertaining and revolutionizes the Final Frontier with an alternate timeline. How does it compare to the Wrath of Khan?

Gene Roddenberry's peaceful, dynamic, Universe has been rewritten with J.J. Abrams new young talented crew at the helm of the USS Enterprise 1701. Young Spock throwing Kirk out the nearest airlock to land on an ice planet, struck me as being a tad illogical but wasn't it lucky elder Spock saved Kirk's bacon and mind melded with him? It just as well its a big galaxy but I can't help thinking... Which Federation home world is next on the writers hit list?

Is Star Trek's science fictional sphere of diplomacy, deep space exploration and peaceful philosophy losing its flavour amongst viewers? JJ Abrams subtle changes to Star Treks universe has eliminated Romulus and Vulcan's rich diverse cultures from the timeline but wasn't it pretty cool when they showed us how the Red matter worked, leaving the crew of the USS Enterprise to save the day. Now add the Klingon home world polluted by its moon Praxis which blew to bits in Star Trek VI (1991) due to over mining giving it a lifespan of 50 years and that puts the Romulans, Vulcans and Klingons on the destitute aliens down and out list. Director Abrams did spice up the movie with a green chick and cute Uhura who get it on with bubble hands renegade Kirk and "split personality" young Spock. Hehehe.

Young Spock is badly shaken over the loss of his mother while still trying to comprehend the logic of the situation, (How did they beam aboard while the ship was travelling at warp?) He does his utmost best to reign in his explosive emotions but fortunately for the Vulcan, Kirk's quick thinking reveals the condition of the Vulcan's tortured soul, spirit and mind. Elder Spock's mind meld gave Kirk the edge he needed to expose young Spock's emotional conflict. The Vulcan is clearly affected. However, Spock turns the bridge of the USS Enterprise upside down with young Kirk (Chris Pine) getting his smart mouth choked to near death for his trouble. Spock scrapping with Kirk? How illogical is that....but entertaining to watch, right? I'm pleased to report, its no secret. The Science Officers illogical torments have surfaced before in Star Trek TOS. Wasn't it cool to see one of the red shirts get fryed? I think JJ Abram's production team did an awesome job but sacrifices had to be made to make this movie. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.

The Grandad of Star Trek, Spock Prime starring Leonard Nimoy in Star Trek XI played the vulcan for trekkies one more time and didn't it make the difference? J.J. Abram's film has exceeded timeline frontiers governed by Starfleet rules and regulations. Now mere mortals like Nero and Spock Prime can boldly go where none have gone before by time travelling through a black hole. Far out isn't it? Why didn't Spock and Nero get crushed by that black hole? In Star Trek VI Spock exhibited signs that he was wise and weary to the sophisticated demands of logic "Logic, logic, logic is the beginning of wisdom not the end."

The writers Robert Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof have put allot of work into this Star Trek movie. The human desire for exploration, adventure and solving unknowns will forever expand and satisfy trek minds thanks to the brand new life they've breathed into the franchise. "I like this ship, its exciting." It was interesting to see the Enterprise Redshirt get fryed by the Romulan drilling deck, at best lets hope his death was quick and painless.

3o year old Zoe Saldana a.k.a. Nyota Uhura which translates to Star of Freedom in Swahili, plays the role of the Chief Communications Officer who was one of two females on an all male bridge. Zoe comforted young Spock on the turbo lift and later we see the two of them consorting in the transporter room. How Illogical! What ever happened Vulcan self restraint and the Pon Farr mating ritual? Saldana took over from Nichelle Nichols now 76 and a former Jazz singer.

Chekov is played by Russian born Anton Yelchin who at 20 is the junior member of the crew. "I ham up the Russian accent and I struggle to pronounce the letter V,' said Yelchin. "Its all for comedy effect and light relief."
"As I keep warning people," said Director JJ Abrams, "Star Trek has a definite sense of humour these days".

After €100 million, 726 episodes of five action series and one animated series, Star Trek XI is set ten years before the start of the original captains log with the one and only ehm... Captain James Tiberius Kirk defeating the Kobayashi Maru Test, okay, okay, so the guy cheated but wasn't it awesome watching the "sneaky b*st*rd" getting so worked up about it!

William Shatner regarded Kirk as his "entity" and was disappointed his elder Kirk character wasn't reprised. "How could you not put one of the founding figures into a resurrection movie?" Shatner asked, "I'm even more popular now than I was as Captain Kirk."

28 year old Chris Pine wrote a letter to William Shatner and said "I'm just an actor that happened to get a role that happened to be James T. Kirk and I'm not trying to upsurp your status." William Shatner replied, "Thank you very much for the letter, I wish you the best of luck. Bill."

39 year old Simon Peg played Chief Engineer's Jimmy Doohans role aboard the Starship Enterprise. In 2005 Jimmy passed away from ill health. "I really didn't have to work, shall we say, with "Star Trek." It was all natural. When I opened my mouth, there was Scotty. It's like I tell people what you see in Scotty is 99% James Doohan and 1% accent. Pegg used his Glascow born wife's voice as the model for his rich brogue in the movie. Scotty was famous for warning Captain Kirk that: "the engines cannae take any more!" and when "the ship will blow up!"

The new timeline has many wondrous aspects to it, implications, opportunities for the writers and even dangers from Kirk trying to hit on Uhura, the barfight, young Spock losing control of his emotions and sticking it to his Vulcan Science Academy Elders. "You have done well Spock despite your disadvantage". Spock was severely agravated by that remark. The elder vulcans attitude towards young Spock was scolding and insulting and watching Vulcania turning into a ball of ash was an awesome shock to the timeline.

Live Long and prosper, Trekkies and Trekkers.


  1. as much as this film was entertaining i dont believe that it was very good for a startrek film because of the Red matter destroying Volcan the Planet Spock (the one we all know and love) is in visual range of the Destruction which begs the question how come the planet he was on wasnt also destroyed be the black holes affects???

  2. It really boils down to the size of the red matter singularity. Spocks Prime created a blackhole big enough to engulf a supernova from obliterating an entire star system. Unfortunately for Romulus it simply got in the way.

    The reason Spock Prime survived on the small planet beside Vulcan is because Neros 'blackhole' was a micro-singularity created from within the planet.


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