Monday, March 07, 2011

Challenge Your Inner Trekkie

Starfleet duty isn't for everyone but Wordle is fun!

Don't feel too bad if your inner Trekkie isn't psyched up for the challenge. Remember the Psych Test in Star Trek TNG? Wesley Crusher failed Starfleet's entrance exam the first time round bringing Picard's blood to boiling point. But it was weird because at least Crusher did find the courage to face his fears and confront the angry Zaldan. Remember him? The Zaldan's webbed thumbs totally busted him for the Enterprise whizkid but it caught the rest of us off guard. Thousands of star trek fans were stumped that day(LOL) including Starfleet's first Benzite, Mordock who beat the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D uber geek. So Captain Picard has a little chat with Wesley and urges Crusher to pull his socks up, flunking a second time simply isn't allowed. Successful entrants must excel with their class at a multitude of mental and physical tests or merit the wrath of the Academy instructor! I guess no-ones perfect. Now have fun creating beautiful Wordle clouds.

Live long and Prosper and remember to challenge your inner Trekkie.

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