Friday, April 22, 2011

Science Fiction Spirits

What does Science Fiction mean in our lives? True space flight energizes millions of human spirits with cosmic adventures into the future and the past. Star Trek has taken us to strange, new worlds in distant galaxies spreading peace, scientific progress and technology. It keeps pollution far away. It lets us eat, breathe and grow. Where can interstellar sapient lifeforms be found?

1. Mr Spocks unique deployment of pure logical reasoning is legendary. How will vulcans survive without their treasured home planet Vulcan (and the holy temples) which blew to bits in Star Trek 2009? The Vulcan's superior scientific wit is fun and engaging but how do you repopulate a "silenced" species?

2. The surface of the moon is peepled with Selenites. H.G. Wells wrote about them in "First Men in the Moon" in 1901. Selenites have short slender bodies and extremely bandy legs with a depressed head between the shoulders. Perish the thought!

3. Sense of wonder, do you get that special pang when you turn on the tv and Star Trek or Star Wars flashes in front of you? We all get it. Its that awesome feeling of awe sci-fi triggers in you by expanding the minds awareness. The possibilities are endless.

4. I'm off to a science fiction convention on Monday so hurry up solarians and buy your tickets! I've got my digital camera charged up for.... the next Star Wars invasion. I know, admitting this is like trekkie treachery but fear not Spacerguy is not defecting to the darkside! Hey, Maybe I'll get David Prowse to sign my Star Wars Book. LOL...

5. Sleeper ship, Solarians, Space, Space cadet, Spaceship, Spacer worlds, Starbase, Star-cruiser, Starfleet, Stargate, Star Trek, Star Wars, Space dreadnoughts, Super scientist.

Yield to the temptations of the darkside, It may never pass your way again.
Live Long and Prosper, Spacerguy.


Win De Lugo said...

Enjoy reading your blog. I hope to start one for my VIQuest indie video/film Co. but let’s “Cut to the chase”, at this moment I’m just trying to alert folks to STAR TREK T.O.S. 45THANNIVERSARY which will soon be honored by Marc Cushman boldly launching his TOS Book “These are the Voyages”: An Episode-By-Episode History of the Original Star Trek”. A first ever, truly comprehensive, painstakingly detailed study of every original episode. With behind the scenes pix and interviews. For latest updates: keep an eye on the News box of my home page. I’ll update as fast as he gives me progress reports. When finished, he’ll put his own ads in the News Box.

I am Lt. Timothy in “Courtmartial”, Ep. #15. He did my interview on Fri. April Fools Day, so I can't be sure it'll show up in his book.???!??!! The interview was a blast though! I was rolling on the floor with laughter, I was stunned at how much of the scuttlebutt, back stabbing and paranoid power games he had inside knowledge of! It was hilarious!!! – Win de Lugo

Spacerguy said...

Thankyou Win, I feel truly honored by your visit. I'm looking forward to reading Marc Cushmans new classic Star Trek book when it hits the stores. Its been a real pleasure reading about your awesome Star Trek capers. I'll stay clued for further Star Trek progress reports - All the best, Spacerguy

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