Friday, April 22, 2011

Trek Treasure

A classic Trek Treasure visited us at Star Trek Sci Fi Blog recently. STAR TREK's Lt 'Timothy' who starred in the shows classic episode 'Court Martial' said hello. I'm not sure what 'Timothy' does in Court Martial but I think he has a heated conversation with Captain James Kirk.

Winston De Lugo aka 'Timothy' is trying to alert folks about STAR TREK's 45TH ANNIVERSARY which will soon be honored by Marc Cushman whos launching his Classic Star Trek 'TOS' book "These are the Voyages": An Episode-By-Episode History of the Original Star Trek. A first ever, truly comprehensive, painstakingly detailed study of every original episode. With behind the scenes pictures and interviews.

I saw this poster last week on Alex J.Cavanaugh blog and my eyes nearly melted onto my computer screen.

The trekkie characters in John Martz "Trexels" creation nearly caused a sensory overload in my positronic matrix. They're that good. Martz's poster has 235 Star Trek characters crying out to be identified. So why not feed your inner trekkie and take a stab at naming the characters, its fun!

You can get your name on the waiting list by ordering from his site here.

1. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart to Alex and April. I'm referring to the Star Trek Trexel and Stylish Blogger Awards which I will treasure forever.

I want to thank theycallmevarmit specifically for the Stylish Blogger Award. When it comes to rules and regulations I'm like Dr McCoy from Star Trek TOS. So go figure! 2. I wrecked my first bicycle at the age 15. A car driver slammed into my bicycle as I was cycling down the main street and sent me flying through the air. 3. I've set a stardate to contact 10-15 Blogs who deserve to win this award...sometime in the near future... 4. I love Star Trek. 5. I love Science Fiction. 6. I was never really a fan of Michael Jackson.(May he R.I.P.) The dead popstars music popped onto the car radio today so I had a wee listen.....and you know what? Don't be "bad."
7. You get what you give in this life so why not start with the lifeform in the mirror? Make that change today. Go on make it so.

Live Long and Prosper.


Toyin O. said...

Thanks for sharing, congrats on your award:)

Spacerguy said...

It was my pleasure Toyin, and it was a big surprise to get that award. I'm totally chuffed to bits.

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