Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Las Vegas 45th Anniversary of Star Trek

Creation Entertainment's Official TREK Convention celebrates the 45th Anniversary of Star Trek this week for four days, hitting it off this Thursday on August 11th to 14th, 2011. Star Trek fans should know its Leonard Nimoy's last Las Vegas appearance. Will you be there?

Its all happening at the Rio Suites Hotel which Creation Entertainment promises will be a non stop superstar party. You can count on seeing 70 celebrity guest stars, Leonard Nimoy and the three Captains with William Shatner/Stewart/Mulgrew live on stage.

This event will be a fun filled sci-fi roller coaster for fully fledged trekkers, trekkies and fans beaming in from all over the universe. The famous costume competition is going to be great fun. Its an attempt to win back the world's record of most Star Trek costumes in one place.

The Rio convention will deploy the Sulu Summit, exciting panels, exclusive presentations, giant vendors rooms, musical and theatrical performances, autographs and photo opportunities to meet your heroes, auctions and trivia games, the filming of a new TV special on the convention floor, and food functions for hungry trekkies to keep our thrusters fired up for the whole day.

4 Klingon warriors representing the Empire will appear together on stage. Will these guys impress us with Klingon swear words? In any event I'm looking forward to the deep ridged foreheads, spikey teeth and usual warrior gags honoring strength, combat and ritual. Star Trek Vegas tickets are still available at the door.


For trekkers unable to make it in person, despair not. Why not warp over to Star TrekStreaming for live action highlight panels. Its that time again for trekkie splurging. Each panel is 6.99 except for the 3 captains which is 14.99

Live Long and Prosper, Star Trekkers.

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