Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Star Trek Entertainment

Stardate 311401.2,

Captain’s Log,

We have discovered a new resource in a far corner of the alpha quadrant of the World Wide Web. We have been ordered by Starfleet to investigate this unknown entity, familiarize ourselves with it, and bring back useful information for further study. For the purpose of your trek research Star Trek Sci Fi Blog has improved its search parameters, to boldly go and seek out new lifeforms and civilisations. Obey the Prime Directive at all times and enjoy the privileges and immunities afforded you within the galactic Star Trek Tabs of our fun resource. Engage!

Here are our findings:

There seems to be two distinct entities – Star Trek Television Shows and Episodes and Star Trek Movies. These two new resources from FindTheBest are great for all Star Trek enthusiasts out there who simply want to immerse themselves deeper into the world of Star Trek.

Star Trek Television Shows and Episodes Comparison is an objective interactive resource that allows fans to sort and filter their favorite trek. All you have to do is enter whatever excites you about the television world of Star Trek. For instance, if you thought the best Star Trek episodes were when James T. Kirk was captain, simply filter by entering James T. Kirk using the “Captain” filter. Your search results will yield Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: The Animated Seriesfor your ultimate gratification.

Image Owner/Creator: Paramount Pictures and or CBS Studios.

Or maybe you were in a heated debate about who was a better captain for the U.S.S. Enterprise: James T. Kirk or Jean-Luc Picard. Using the Star Trek Television comparison you could compare Captain Kirk vs. Captain Picard and settle the mystery once and for all.

Furthermore, Star Trek Television comparison allows you to sort and filter by number of seasons each series lasted, total number of episodes, years the shows were on air, and even the running length of an average episode. It’s truly a fun, interactive, and most importantly helpful utility for all Trekkies and Trekkers out there but see for yourself.

FTB has a Star Trek Movies Comparison that, much like the Star Trek Television Shows and Episodes Comparison, allows fans to sort and filter your favorite TV shows, character or movie preferences. Simply engage the Star Trek television comparison and input your data or use the movies comparison tool for settling interstellar disagreements .

Don’t let Qfool you, by using the inflation adjusted “box office revenue” filter you could objectively argue that J.J. Abrams Star Trekwas the best based on the fact that it earned the most revenue; with Robert Wise’s Star Trek: The Motion Picturegenerating enough cash to fuel a score of Star Trek spin offs and movies.

What great lines from your favorite Star Trek Movies or TV Shows do you like to reminisce over?

Star Trek movies comparison includes memorable quotes from each movie: Star Trek (2009): Young Kirk: My name is James Tiberius Kirk!.

Star Trek Movies and Star Trek Television Shows and Episodes Comparisons were designed by a Trekkie for a Trekkie. It was built as a utility to explore strange new film and TV comparisons and to seek out new Trekkie's. FindTheBest’s Star Trek comparisons will boldly take you on a voyage of discovery. Use the galactic diagnostics at Star Trek Sci Fi Blog to help ease your trek cravings for the galaxies greatest space epics.

I like to embrace the cosmic components flowing from our universe lurking everywhere around us. The positive energy radiating from these space bugs got me hooked on Star Trek when I was a wee lad. Is it an affliction or an addiction?

- Live Long and Prosper, Trekkies.


Maurice Mitchell said...

Really awesome find man! I like how it has inflation adjusted earnings. I had always heard that "Star Trek: The motion picture" was a flop, but obviously not. I can't wait to slice and dice more info from the tools!

Spacerguy said...

Thanks Maurice. Its Star Trek quotes are a real treasure to read.

Hutch said...

Great resources, I shal investagate further. The quote that has stayed in my head is from Khan; "You know..there is a Klingon Proverb, revenge is a dish best served cold..It is very cold in space." I can almost here him still.

Danette said...

Great post! Practical resources for the true fan. Awesome. Love long...

M Pax said...

Nice site and great resources. Nice meeting you :)

Ellie Garratt said...

I forgot to comment on this post! Star Trek is both an addiction and an affliction - you have to watch it and everybody thinks your a nerd!

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