Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fun Star Trek Homage

I was trekking through the blog sphere recently and discovered a fun Star Trek homage on Hailing Frequency which is sung by 'star trek fans.' Only trekkies could muster enough heart to configure something like this and make it so but judge for yourselves.

I reckon these hailing troops deserve three cheers! Their trekkie number is clearly based on Alexander Courage's original Star Trek TOS theme but be warned. These trek notes aren't for the faint hearted.

Still, if you've got trekkie, trekker or trekkinator fervour, trek logic clearly dictates that you're in for a real surprise with this unique star trek theme!

Warp on over to and prepare to be STUNNED by the cosmic rays of interstellar stimuli spreading in your direction. Consider it a happy reward to satisfy your growing curiosity. You'll find Hailings Star Trek score by scrolling down through Hailing Frequencies Podcast episodes. When you get to podcast #4 release the docking clamps and fire up the engines Scotty!

Rock Long and Prosper, trekkinators!

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