Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Star Trek's Odd Couples


Good grief its an alien invasion! Earths being attacked by space invaders again. Just look at the size of that UFO. Its draining the power to our warpcore and causing havoc with the star chart readings too. Crikey, all hands grab onto something we're in for a rough ride. I hope we don't get lost out here, space is so big. Scotty I need warp power now or we're all fraked!

Scotty: Captain I'm giving it all shes got, if we keep this up the ship will blow appart!

Ohh my! Whats in great space is that? I see something blinking in the distance at bearing 330 mark 24 ........I think its green beam is trying to communicate..........aghhhh....! Uhura open hailing frequencies and contact Starfleet command. Tell them the Enterprise is under attack and ......aghhhh.....The beam has got hold of my mind and won't let go..... Help ..... Scotty, Uhura beam me back.....

Uhuras face freezes in shock 'Mr Spock, I just saw the captain disappear.We've got to beam him back right now! cries out a teary eyed Uhura as she transmits the ships co-ordinates to Starfleet..

Well Spock .... do something! demands McCoy.

All hands this is Mr Spock. Red Alert....The Captain is gone. Stand ready at Battle Stations, Steady..... Mr Chekov get a lock on that UFO and Fire!

Dr McCoy: 'Why you heartless, no good, inhuman, green blooded pointy eared devil. What about the captain? We can't just abandon Kirk to the aliens.'

Spock: 'Doctor are you speaking scientifically or emotionally? Quite simply, I examined the problem from all angles, and its plainly hopeless. Logic informed me that under the circumstances, the only logical action would have to be one of desperation. Logical decision, logically arrived at.'

Dr McCoy: 'The release of emotions, Mr. Spock, is what keeps humans healthy-- emotionally healthy that is, but in your case I'll have to make an exception.'

Spock: 'If I were human, I believe my response would be: 'go to hell'. If I were human.'

Sadly, its too late to launch the escape pods and the Enterprise bursts into a great big ball of fire! The end.

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