Saturday, May 19, 2012

He's Dead Jim.

In Star Trek's 'The Enemy Within' its always fun warping back to that awesome moment when the chief Medical Officer Dr Leonard H. McCoy utters 'HE'S DEAD JIM' for the very first time. The good doctors emotional catchphrases have inevitably infected the timeline.

"I'm a doctor not a bricklayer,"
"Do something, Spock!"
"He's dead Jim."
I'm a doctor not a moonshuttle conductor!
'I'm a Doctor not an escalator!'
I'm a Doctor not a magician Spock...

The doctor always says whats on his mind especially when the cool calm Mr Spock is playing pointy eared games on him, lol.

The green blooded second in command knows McCoy can't help himself but I suspect Spock secretly enjoys winding him up or is it the other way around?

"I am a Scientist doctor, emotions are alien to me." - States Spock quite logically followed by the good doctors snappy quip,

"In a pigs eye!"

"Really doctor, you must learn to govern your passions. they will be your undoing" - replies Spock. The clever vulchie is so darn good at keeping his cool in an emergency except when Dr McCoy yanks his chain. Four decades later fans still can't get enough of these 'McCoyisms' because McCoys rave scenes are pure fun to watch.

What was Dr McCoy referring to when he said 'HE'S DEAD JIM' for the very first time in Star Trek's 'The Enemy Within?'

1. A Flying Pig?

2. Scotty?

3. A Squealing Tribble?

4. An alien four legged horndog?

5. Sulu?

Can you remember why the lifeform died?

1. Lightening?

2. Vaporised?

3. Killed during the line of duty?

4. Transporter malfunction?

5. Poisoned?

Trek long and Prosper, Trekinators! LOL.


  1. It was a person just don't remember who...

  2. It ends up being pretty absurd, watching that whole clip, and how many times McCoy's expert medical opinion was boiled down to determining that someone was dead. It's a pretty straightforward catchphrase, though.

  3. Great line. I'm guessing Sulu and lightning since I can't remember which episode that was.

  4. He really did say "He's dead..." quite a few times. Yikes.

  5. An alien unicorn creature played by DeForrest Kelley's dog is split into twins because the Enterprise's transporter is malfunctioning. One is kind and gentle and the other is evil, lol. The same happens to Captain Kirk except he doesn't die.

    The clues were in the image guys. Its always Dr McCoy picking up the pieces at the end with his good heart and best lines. Hes dead Jim makes an impression doesn't it?

  6. man i seriously have to start watching the Trek!

  7. Go for it Nutschell! You won't be disappointed. In Star Trek's episode of The Enemy Within, Spock's Vulcan Neck Pinch overpowers Kirk's alter ego.

  8. Spacerguy, of course! It's obvious looking at it now. LOL
    PS. I sent you a Versatile Blogger Award!

  9. Thanks for the blogger award Maurice, I'm really stoked!

    Heres another one to addle your sci fi brains: Why did Deforest Kelley refuse to say Dr McCoy's famous last words, 'He's dead Jim' in Star Trek's The Wrath of Khan?

  10. Spacerguy, because he didn't deserve it. FYI I shared this in our link list! Geek Bits

  11. Jimmy Doohan stepped in with 'He's dead already' because Dr McCoy was temporarily out for the count thanks to Mr Spock's little Katra trick. Rumor has it Kelley didn't like saying 'Hes dead Jim' but I reckon its just gossip.

    No you'll flood the whole compartment!
    He'll die.
    Hes dead already.

  12. I'm glad to told us it was the alien dog, because in all honesty I couldn't remember which episode it was.

    Thanks so much for the Versatile Blogger Award! It is an honor to receive from you!

  13. Thanks for the Versatile Blogger Award! I love your blog so much, so it's great to receive this award from you!

    And I love McCoy! McCoy-ism's are always great!


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