Friday, November 29, 2013

Museum of Science Fiction

A new "Museum of Science Fiction" is kicking off in Washington D.C. In their online preview, the MSF appeals to fans from all over the great galactic divide with their fascinating website. Do you get that special pang when you turn on the tv and Star Trek or Star Wars flashes in front of you? Well then trekologist, you're in for a treat.

Science Fiction stories unlike tales of horror - frequently entice fans to explore strange, new worlds in distant galaxies spreading peace, scientific progress and technology. Sci-fi's epicness encourages us to eat, breathe and evolve into fully fledged time travellers. As per Starfleet's Standing Orders, its my job to investigate such anomalistic phenomena and report.

The obvious question here to ask is "Will D.C's Museum of Science Fiction catch on?"

I think its cool Science Fiction continues to grow and infect humans throughout time. We're all living proof of that. Why do we reach for other planets, develop new technologies and want to meet aliens? At the MSF thoughts take on physical shape revealing the "fun" aspect of why we want to do these things. Its only logical to believe fans will want to trek out and see the fun exhibits with historical artefacts, including: full size space vehicles, robots, voice activated space probes and of course cool aliens.

The MSF Executive Director, Greg Viggiano explained "Our approach begins with a web-based blueprint—an online museum. You're visiting it now. This blueprint allows you to see our progress, make suggestions, and share your ideas."

Its a dream thats spreading throughout the stars and will make its debut at a full scale facility within 24 to 36 months. Right now money raised will kickstart the project into life. The museums Crowdfunding campaign is attempting to raise $160,000 in 38 days.

Meanwhile, The preview museum will house a number of Star Trek filming props from renowned collector Adam Schneider. A cool podcast is available with Adam giving a talk on the restoration of Star Trek's Shuttlecraft Galileo!

Gary Cannavo has offered to loan the MSF Preview Museum the actual filming miniatures used in the 1970s production of the Battlestar Galactica motion picture and television series. Plenty of artifacts and display objects from film, literature, and art, along with prototype analog and digital interactive exhibits are in the pipeline.

Image Credit: Howard and Jane Frank Collection.

So how about it? Are you ready to book your interplanetary MSF flight? Whats your instinctive science fictional reaction?

Whats the name of the spaceship in the top three photos? Where was the last one taken?

Live Long and Prosper Terrestrian Time Traveller!


Susan Kane said...

Enterprise, NC1701.

Oh, I how I love it. There was a traveling exhibit of the Star Trek memorabilia here in San Diego CA, at the Museum of Aerospace (Ithink) in Balboa Park a few years ago, before all the Star Trek stuff was auctioned off.

Spacerguy said...

Its a total buzz visiting a real Star Trek exhibit Susan. It wasn't too long ago Christie's auctioned off a lot of movie props like the Galaxy Class and Constitution USS Enterprise NCC 1701.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

DC isn't that far away - I'd visit! Sounds like a Star Trek's dream museum once it's finished. And figures from the original Galactica? Bonus.

The Armchair Squid said...

We're in DC a couple times a year so a visit will certainly be in order. 2017 - it's on the mental calendar.

Tony Laplume said...

I'll always wish that I could have visit the Vegas experience. Or hope it reopens some day.

Nigel G. Mitchell said...

I would love this. I hope they build it

Mary Jane Doe said...

Star Trek, etc. was such a integral part of my youth. What a great trip down memory lane your blog creates for me and others like me.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Science Fiction is so important to our past, present and future. A museum is quite fitting.

M Pax said...

A SF museum would be awesome. I think there is one somewhere... I recall someone mentioning it to me. I don't remember where.

I met some dudes trying to set one up a few years ago. That doesn't look like the people I met though.

Lady Lilith BloodCrave said...

Looks like fun. Sci-Fi is always fun but to experience it sounds amazing.

Susan Kane said...

Just another comment: have you ever seen this YouTube video--

Spacerguy said...

You should Alex, it'll be well worth a visit.

We'll Make it so, Armchair!

The lifesized alien lifeforms were just the coolest, Tony

Me too Nigel.

Thanks Mary, thats really nice of you.

Fans are making this Sci-Fi museum a reality, Maurice. All we have to do is help raise the funds.

I think Seattle's is the worlds first Sci-Fi museum, Mpax.

Its so cool to see the plan growing and taking on a life of its own, Lilith.

It must have taken ages to remix Susan, Picard would approve.

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