Tuesday, April 01, 2014


A is for Armus but who is he? Armus is a malevolent, immortal life- form in Star Trek TNG' 22nd episode 'Skin of Evil.' Several hundred years ago, a planet in the Zed Lapis sector was inhabited by a dazzling race of titans. In an attempt to reach a higher plane of awareness, the Vagrans dump all their negative, dark emotions in a pool of goo on Vagra II. Unlucky for Counsellor Troi, shuttle-craft 13 crash lands on the same planet. Is it a coincidence Armus' home-world was nearby?

The USS Enterprise-D  intercepts shuttle 13's distress call. When a landing party beams down to the planet all is not what it seems. A pool of moving goo blocks their path and foils the transporters. Is it a lifeform?

Data speculates,  'It is possible! '

'Very good, Tin man.' replies a heavy voice.

Commander Riker tragically encounters Armus who rears upright and amazingly speaks.

 'I am Armus, why are you here?'

 In an attempt to amuse himself, Armus unleashes a flick of his power killing the Enterprise-D Chief of Security in a flash. Dr Crusher is at a complete loss. Tasha Yar suffers total synaptic overload, well heck Yeah! Didn't Crusher electrifry her brain-cells in an attempt to juice her back to life? Too many micro-volts I guess.

'That thing just sucked the life right out of her.'

Right before our eyes Tasha is snuffed out!  Meanwhile on the Enterprise Bridge, Wesley and Worf spot an energy fluctuation in Armus' power output. Amazingly the creature drops his guard when talking to Troi, accidentally lowering the forcefield trapping her on Vagra II.

Now its time for Captain Picard to get real. Finally a chat with Troi confirms Armus does indeed have a weakness. The counsellor detects great pain and loneliness when the creature opens up! Great news for the Enterprise crew who swoop in and rescue Deanna and retrieve poor Commander Riker in a beam out heist. Picard takes his chances and rolls the dice in a gamble designed to vex Armus.

 Picard: 'I'm not taking you anywhere!'

 Armus: 'Aaaaaagggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!'

Beam long and Prosper, Trekkers.


  1. And like that, Tasha was gone! Been a while since I watched the early episodes of Next Gen.


  2. You've got to hand it to Jonathan Frakes aka Commander Riker. The guy plunges into a pit of metamusal slime with black printers ink not once but twice!!! (All because Datas phaser ruined the first shot.)

    It took 3 hours to scrub all the goo off Frakes and start from scratch! Afterwards LeVar Burton leans over and says, 'Oh Frakes, I would never have done that!'

  3. Next Gen has been on my 'to re-watch' list for a long time, as has the original series. Thanks for the reminder of how great the show is.

    ...and why do I suddenly have an overwhelming urge to drink Earl grey tea?

  4. I couldn't believe Tasha Yar was gone in a flash. It didn't stop me from watching more, though. STNG is probably my favorite of all the Star Trek series.

  5. If negative emotion really manifested itself like that, we'd all be dead.

    ST:NG was such a great show.

  6. This was a great show. I'm stopping by from the A to Z challenge and I will look forward to reading your blog, it's great to find a blog that is really going to be of interest. Good luck for the rest of the month.

  7. That was one of the most shocking episodes off TNG. Such a senseless death.

  8. Well this is fun. Maybe I'll learn something that I missed out on. I don't like sudden deaths either but I guess that's the nature of dying.

  9. Oh, I remember watching this episode when it first aired, and being so so shocked when *POOF* just like that, Tasha Yar was gone.

    Anyway, I just wanted to stop by and say hiya to a fellow AtoZer. So...hiya.

    See ya 'round the web. All Things Kevyn.

  10. I'm a big fan of this episode.

  11. I never saw this episode. I'll have to schedule a Star Trek TNG afternoon one Saturday.

  12. I've been re-watching episodes of Next Generation. I forgot about this specific episode. Love your A to Z theme : )

  13. Great stuff. I'm delighted this is part of the A to Z Challenge. You're picking some great choices - both popular and uncommon. I've read all of them and will return.

    If I could share my Star Trek Dating photo-strip here, I'd be grateful. Might be more amusing than my own A-Z stuff! You'll find it here:


    Hope it amuses. Good luck with the ongoing challenge.


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