Wednesday, April 01, 2015

More Tribbles, More Troubles, TAS

Stardate: 5392.4
Original Airdate: 6 Oct, 1973
Writers: David Gerrold
Season 1, Episode 6.

Star Trek's animated "More Tribbles, More Troubles" episode features the return of Cyrano Jones, Captain Koloth, Korax, Quintotriticale and Tribbles! The fun begins when Jones is rescued by the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 along with his genetically altered cargo of hungry, cooing tribbles. You'd be right in believing "Friend Kirk" isn't exactly over the moon. Cyrano's return soon sets off a row between Kirk and Koloth. These guys don't trust each other an inch.

KIRK: The first Klingon to step aboard this ship will be the last Klingon. Full security alert, Mister Spock.

Ah ha! I can hear you say...except....Koloth's got a battle cruiser with a secret weapon. When crippling stasis beams and phaser fire are exchanged the true nature of the emergency becomes known. Klingon State secrets are revealed! Caught in the crossfire are two robot ships full of Quintotritcale intended for the famine world, Shermans Planet.

It turns out Jones has something Koloth wants. Plagued by Tribbles, the Klingon homeworld, Kronos, genetically engineered a Tribble Predator to consume the poor creatures. Lucky for Jones, stealing the Klingon's "Glommer" helped him to escape tribble duty from K7 which is a nice bit of trek continuouity.

In this episode our Tribble friends are obviously infesting the galaxy again. Instead of getting pregnant when they eat up the quintotriticale, they just get extremely fat, exploding into colonies. The poor Glommer is totally out numbered! Curiously the Klingons still look human having twarted DNA owing to the virus which infected the Kronos homeworld in 2154.

So which Star Trek episode is better? In Star Trek's original Trouble with Tribbles,  Klingons have plenty to fear when tribbles are near! especially with spies like Darvin pretending to be a human! Tribbles were the great detectives in my book. I bet you can guess the ending, hehe.

Tribble long and Glommer, trekkers.


  1. Anonymous11:25 AM

    This is the only episode of the animated series I've actually seen.

  2. I love the tribble episode. Excellent post!

  3. Theres no fooling tribbles!

  4. I certainly prefer the original but I appreciate the similar twists and turns in the story line of the sequel.

  5. I was totally awed to discover "Glommer" was a genetic creation, a tribble predator really which the Klingons wanted to replicate in their hundreds to eat our little pals.

  6. I don't recall watching the cartoon episode, but I do remember liking Trials and Tribble-ations, the DS9 episode.

  7. Cool, so including DS9, we've now got three versions of the tribbles episode. Isn't Star Trek great?


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