Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Star Trek TAS "The Survivor"

Stardate 5143.3
Writers: James Schmerer
Airdate: 10/13/73
Season 1 Episode
The Animated Series

In Star Trek's classic "The Survivor" a one man, battered spacecraft is located at the edge of Romulan/Federation space. Sensors reveal a lifeform aboard. Mr Spock confirms the vessel is registered to well known space trader and philanthropist Carter Winston. Missing for Five years, he's beams aboard (the USS Enterprise NCC 1701) fully functioning and speaks! "It seems you gentlemen know me." Dr McCoy is over the moon, Spock is suspicious and Captain Kirk is playing the genial host. The fun begins when Mr Spock insists upon computer ID verification. Uh Ooh!

SPOCK: There is one person aboard who should be especially happy to learn you are alive, Mister Winston. Lieutenant Anne Nored of our security detail. 
CARTER: My fiancee? Anne's aboard this starship? 
SPOCK: We will notify her as soon as we've verified your credentials, Mister Winston. If you have your identity tapes with you....... 
MCCOY: Spock! Of all the cold-blooded, inhospitable requests I've ever heard. 

The famous "Winston" is reunited eventually with his fiance voiced by Nichelle Nichols who really has the sweetest voice. Carter whos actually a shapeshifting Vendorian, tells Anne he's changed and its all over! Poor Anne, she fights back the tears. Later the alien assumes Captain Kirk's form ordering the Enterprise into the Neutral Zone, where Romulan warbirds lie in wait. Its gas listening to Kirk piecing the clues together leading to the Enterprises Neutral Zone incursion. It seems our alien "winston" is also a Romulan spy!

To make matters worse the Enterprise deflector shields are sabotaged! Scotty is frantic, repair efforts will take two hours. Does the shapeshifter have a conscience? In a touching uturn, our alien/winston realises he can't help but love Lieutenant Nored. Awwww shucks! How will the Enterprise's doppelganger save her from the bad guys? Wait a minute who are the bad guys? Winston or the Romulans?

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkers.


Elephant's Child said...

Both of my brain cells are hurting now...

Spacerguy said...

LOL what you need is a good dose of Saurian brandy for medicinal purposes of course.

Birgit said...

I am not sure I want a huge jellyfish to fall in love with me-awkward!

Spacerguy said...

Haha, I understand Birgit but remember its a Vendorian with the capability to rearrange its molecular structure!

Tony Laplume said...

Easily one of my favorite episodes from the series.

The Armchair Squid said...

As I said in my post, the shapeshifter is a common plot device in Trek. The twist I enjoyed in this one was the fact that the shapeshifter takes on the memories of its target image and essentially, over time, becomes the other being.

Maurice Mitchell said...

The best I've seen so far (review up now) and very well done. The identity tapes killed me though. What's the point of storing biometric data on a tape instead of just scanning the person? LOL

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