Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Star Trek TAS - The Eye of the Beholder

The Eye of the Beholder
Stardate 5501.2.
Writer: David P. Harmon.
First Aired: 1st May, 1974

In Star Trek's TAS "The Eye of the Beholder" the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 locates a missing, Federation Science vessel. The spaceship "Ariel" is found orbiting a Class M planet.

Starships logs reveal the entire crew beamed down to Lactra VII, so why didn't they return? When our Enterprise pals follow pursuit they discover a terraformed planet with dinosaurs, dragon reptiles, forcefields, 20 foot telepathic creatures and a zoo waiting for them.

You may have noticed a lot of creatures in TAS have a beef to pick with Star Trek's protagonists. Unlike Star Trek's TNG's "Armus" or TOS Salt Vampire "Nancy Cramer," many creatures in TAS are powerful, mysterious, "no-name" entities.

The Enterprise ship sensors zero in on lifeforms at a central gathering place. The Lactrans are so formidable beyond even Vulcans on the evolutionary scale, that any attempt to communicate only embarrasses Spock. In his eagerness, Captain James Tiberius Kirk soon finds himself caged like a pet along with Dr McCoy and Spock.

The Enterprise trio need a get out of jail card fast, so Spock suggests faking illness. It turns out the huge Lactran zookeepers find human frailties a complete mystery. So its a piece of cake tricking their kid.

Despite being only about six years old with an IQ in the thousands, Kirk's comrades pull a blinder with a little captain trickery.

When our inquisitive friend finds out about the Enterprise crew, the Federation and planet earth, it tells Mommy and Daddy the good news.

Hey these guys, my friends wanna go home! Can we let them go, Mom? please? They promise to be good!

How do you feel about caged cute dumb animals?

Live long and prosper, super trekkie lifeforms.


The Armchair Squid said...

There is precedent in TOS for superior beings putting our friends through their moral paces. "The Savage Curtain" comes to mind. However, I can't think of a previous incident in which the beings are so entirely dismissive in the initial encounter.

Jo said...

Sounds like a good story. I have got to find these programmes.

M Pax said...

Ooo! Star Trek and dinos together! I must see that.

Birgit said...

They look like a cross between a walrus and elephant. I vaguely recall this one which i would have seen when it first aired

Jeffrey Scott said...

Wasn't this a Twilight Zone episodes?
"Welcome to your new home. We hope you like it. Oh, didn't we tell you? It's also a zoo."

Susan Kane said...

Outerlimits or Twilight Zone--they used the same plotline, but it was more interesting w/Star Trek.

Spacerguy said...

Now try as I might to roll out the melodrama, Its killing me because I can't state in bold lettering, whos calling the shots on Lactra VII? This is where we hear a record scratch........ and sheepish grovelling by me, trying to save face because....first names for the telepathic lifeforms who terraformed the planet, well I just don't know. I'm on my knees grovelling now.

Jeffrey Scott said...

Ahhh yes, I recall the Outer Limits episode too.
I just happened to watch the Twilight Zone Zoo episode the other day. And yes, it's funner to watch in Trek. ;)

Maurice Mitchell said...

They fell for the old "sick prisoner" gag but it always works. So much for being smarter than Spock. LOL Insightful review

A Beer For The Shower said...

As long as I'm properly fed and cared for, I welcome our supreme pink walrus overlords with open arms.

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