Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Star Trek Albatross TAS

Airdate: 28th Sept, 1974
Stardate: 5275.6
Director: Bill Reed
Writer: Dario Finelli
Star Trek The Animated Series
Season 2, Episode 20

In 2268 the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 landing party beams down to a very alien planet, Dramia 1 delivering medical supplies. Greeted by the Supreme Prefect voiced by James Doohan, diplomatic pleasantries are exchanged until an arrest warrant is issued for Dr Leonard H. "Bones" McCoy! The poor guy is charged for mass murder and jailed without even a tip off from their own Federation of Planets.

So now the Chief Medical Officer of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 is on the hook charged with causing a plague 19 years earlier! Its fun watching our Enterprise pals trying to piece together the clues in this Star Trek mystery.

Captain Kirk and Mr Spock are dumbstruck with the news. Bones is thrown in the clink where his life hangs in the balance. Will swift Dramian justice and its Kangaroo Courts set the doctor free? Captain Kirk has his doubts. Trek's duo ship out and find the plague planet with its resident lepers.

Its turns out only one of them is a "cured" plague survivor! His name is Kol tai and hes still alive!!!...... even after all this time! Is this why Demos, Security head of Dramia Prime has been acting so cagey? He must have known something all along.

The good news is Dr McCoy's inoculation saved Kol tai's life and now Kol tai is willing to testify and help vindicate the doctors good name. The bad news is Kol tai is ill and infects the entire USS Enterprise NCC 1701 crew except Mr Spock, of course! Ironically, the key to the cure all hinges on busting Dr McCoy out of the slammer. Now thats hardly Mr Spocks style, is it?

Questions:  How do you feel about the Enterprise self destructing? Has Science Officer Spock got the nerve to break "Bones" out of jail? Anyone up for a few shots of some Saurian brandy? I bet Dr McCoy is!

Say Hi to Friend Bloggies Maurice and Armchair Squid on your epic crusades!

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkies, Trekkers and Bloggies!


Elephant's Child said...

I think I need a shot or two of Saurian brandy. On ice thanks...

The Armchair Squid said...

The jail break is a bit out of character for Spock. But I guess he'll do it for the sake of the mission.

Saurian brandy all around!

Jeffrey Scott said...

The scene cut out. Spock shows up to release bones.

Bones: "Are you here to gloat Spock? Why you green blooded son of a b..."
Spock: "I'm here to break you out Doctor. Your anger is illogical."
Bones: "I was going to say 'Son of a Beautiful Woman'." Bones face reddens.
Spock: "My father would agree with your analysis of my mother."

Spacerguy said...

No problem EC, I've got my very own beverage and food synthesizer on standby.

Heres to Dr McCoy finding a cure for all our hangovers.

Star Trek is full of surprises Jeffrey, Son of a beautiful Woman - haha, real nifty punchline from Bones

Maurice Mitchell said...

I missed this episode but it sounds like the really upped the tension in this episode.

Bish Denham said...

Oh I bet in this instance the needs of the many will be saved by the one... :)

Susan Kane said...

I hate when the countdown to self-destruct starts! Of course I know that the series would end if that happened, but still...

Saurian Brandy sounds delicious, but could start a massive migraine or political altercations, or both.

Misha Gericke said...

Jeffrey's comment made my day. :-D

The Armchair Squid said...

Perhaps Saurian brandy obsession led to the invention of synthehol.

A Beer For The Shower said...

I don't know about Saurian brandy, but I'd definitely drink a Vulcan beer. Mmmm... tastes highly illogical.

Birgit said...

I love the colour blue but that can't be good for the crew. Spock will save the day.

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