Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Counter Clock Incident - Flip side of Logic

The Grand Finale of Star Trek TAS - The Counter Clock Incident....and the end to our Star Trek blogfest with Friend Armchair Squid and Friend Maurice from The GeekTwins. It was the best of times!

While I always enjoy an entertaining, intelligent, interesting and funny Star Trek episode.... (My inner tribble flipped out recently... It kept telling me.... must analyse data and find meaning.) I shook my head in despair. Forget logic, tribble - I retorted, Its not happening!!!.  In that light vein, heres the "reverse logic" which made poor Tribble burst into tears, blow his nose and rub his puffy fuzzy eyes, lol. 

Error, error must analyse reverse logic, still analysing!


I want to wish you luck, Captain.
Whether you succeed or fail,
the outcome will remain unknown to me. 

Defying the Laws of Physics:

1. Karla Five's alien spaceship accelerates to Warp 36! Now thats impossibly fast! No known race has this technological capability, not even the Borg or Dominion!
2. The alien spacecraft flys towards the heart of an extremely hot supernova. Hello?
3. Both ships, the Enterprise NCC 1701 and the alien craft survive entry but should have been turned into toast instantly.
4. The Enterprise achieved warp 22. No dilithium crystal stress, No warpcoil overheating, No plasma injector malfunctions, No inter-coolant leaks, No intermix temperature overload, No computer or propulsion failures. - Does not compute!
5. In the antimatter universe, white sky and black stars exist. The starship Enterprise moves in reverse.
6. Time flows backwards and the crew get younger.
7. Re-igniting a dead star forms a gateway so the Enterprise can get home!

Is it possible to become a prisoner of time within another dimension? blackhole or whitehole?  how do you feel about the crew getting younger and time flowing backwards?

Laugh long and prosper bloggies and trekkies!


Elephant's Child said...

Logic shmogic.
Sometimes logic should be evicted from the building...

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Growing younger seems impossible. That the cells ceases to age more, that I could buy.
Hey, the writers left their imaginations run wild, whether it made logical sense or not.

The Armchair Squid said...

You have an inner tribble? Fun!

Thank you for joining me on this adventure. I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have. Are you planning to do a wrap up post next week?

Jo said...

I just wish I got to see these, logical or not. Pity the original actors couldn't go there and get younger (or reborn).

Birgit said...

Well in the original show there was an episode where they aged quickly so why not the reverse. It seems the writers, knowing this was the end, failed to use logic and just went with it:)

Maurice Mitchell said...

LOL this episode plays fast and loose with the laws of physics. The first technical manual was written in 1975 and this episode was written in 1974, so they just missed it.

Spacerguy said...

Logic is the beginning of wisdom not the end, so says Spock in Star Trek the Undiscovered Country, EC.

The characters and stories had a little more punch to explore the universe juiced up on wild science and deep back stories, Alex.

I like to think the old crew are looking down and smiling on us, Jo.

I've got an inner tribble tucked away, Squid. Its ever so logical like a muse, LOL. Its urging me on now to say yes, how can I resist? I'll write a TAS reflections post for Monday.

Star Trek isn't perfect but fans love it because its got something good which we all like, Birgid.

The Technical manuals are amazing Maurice. I personally think someone from the future travelled to Earth and wrote them. The thing is we're too darn clever for our own good to realise the true potential of this unique bewildering knowledge. I've got the 1991 TNG Tech manual and OMG this stuff should work! said...

I want to see a baby Spock coo, slobber and throw a tantrum.

Thanks for the follow and compliment, Spacerguy. I'm so glad to land here and will most certainly return to this formerly undiscovered (by me) terrain.

Cheers, prosperity, and illogic.

Susan Kane said...

Suspend belief all who enter here. Or, "I reject your reality, and substitute my own." from MythBusters.

Mark Koopmans said...

I'm not sure of I want to grow younger, because I was a complete mess the first time around, but I agree with Alex, it would be fun if we could slow the aging process

Susan Kane said...

Currently I am watching "Up the Long Ladder" Irish-like colony has to be re-located to another planet. We lived in Ireland for a few years, so this makes me smile.

Misha Gericke said...

Yep, my mind's boggling too.

Spacerguy said...

Theres nothing quite like a wee bit of the creature, Susan and in that light everyone, lets do this Klingon style, Kapla!

The Armchair Squid said...

Awesome. I look forward to your reflection.

Jeffrey Scott said...

I love the Red Dwarf episode where everything is in reverse.
But Santa Claus is a real git. He's the bloke who goes down the chimney and steals all the children's favourite toys. And lets not even talk about taking a dump in a reverse world.

OH, but we were talking about Star Trek. Warp 22 caves my head in. What did the writers decide warp 22 actually was? At some point it was established going beyond warp 10 was impossible. But let's be fair. Even now, most people think warp 1 is an impossibility. I think I want to take a peak at Cochran's notes.

A Beer For The Shower said...

Sometimes, as writers, it's more fun to use made up science than real science. Real science can tend to be boring, anyway.

Also, the fastest I've ever gone was Warp 8 1/2, but I had a strong tailwind, and I eventually got pulled over by an intergalactic police officer for failing to yield to a starship.

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