Sunday, March 20, 2016

Star Trek Reboot Movies vs the Classic Movies

Last week, Blog talkie radio hosts Neil Rosen, Bill McCuddy and Bill Bregoli met Star Trek Beyond insider, Logan Hill. He was upbeat about STAR TREK going to places where the franchise has never been before. Is it good places? So far, Logan admits he was impressed, about what? he doesn't say...

                                    Let Talk Star Trek

 Logan admits "The buzz on the trailer wasn't great" confirming what Simon Pegg said on December 17 2015.

 “I didn’t love it because I know there’s a lot more to the film. There’s a lot more story, a lot more character stuff, and a lot more what I would call Star Trek stuff.”

Star Treks insider also says "People were kind of sniping at the trailer but I got to say I like Justin Lin, I like the fast and the furious movies and I like the new reboot that sounded more commercial? (skip ahead to 1:07 and replay) Apparently Logan is researching an article for Wired Magazine so hopefully sensational Star Trek vibrations are on the way.


 So heres the thing: Soon Star Trek fans will have a trilogy of Star Trek JJ Abrams-verse movies. The first one, Star Trek 2009 was kind of cool. Fascinating interplay with a younger crew, Kirk, Spock, Bones and spicey hanky panky with Uhura generated a lot of interest. The bar room fist fight over who gets Uhura got Kirk busted up real good with Admiral Christopher Pike saving the day.

 Star Trek into Darkness is a different animal which has less story but more roller coaster action, explosions, death and amazingly generated $467 million dollars worldwide. You may recall STID sent fans on a wild goose chase over the movies villain, rumoured to be John Harrison. Even Alice Eve rowed in on the action with denials, "No he's not Khan!!!" Remember???

Looking back the original Star Trek movies like the Wrath of Khan, the Voyage Home and First Contact have in my book real spirit with stronger character melodrama credited with saving the original franchise created by Gene Roddenberry.

The real kicker is Star Trek TWOK won 2 Saturn Awards for best actor and best direction. You'll never believe who won best actor! I nearly died laughing when I found out.

What do you say trekkers? Is Star Trek Beyonds trailer too much like its predecessor - Star Trek Into Darkness? Could this be why fans are squabbling over star Trek Beyond's Trailer 1? Which is your favorite Star Trek movie? Do you remember Alice Eve saying "No he's not Khan!" Do you want to see our Gorn challenger, William Shatner duelling in Star Trek Beyond?

Today is the A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal. 

"Those of us with themes are revealing them today." 2016 marks my sixth year for Aprils A to Z blogfest. Many of you will know my Science Fiction themes vary from previous years. For this years theme I'm choosing Star Trek Monsters, Lifeforms, BEM, Tribbles or anything which moves and looks remotely alien in appearance.


Team Long and Prosper, Trekkers and Trekkies


Birgit said...

Sometimes a trailer just doesn't show what the movie is about and that makes the film suffer. This just might be one case. I be First Contact and The WIrath of Khan. If they brought Khan back, he would be slitghtly wooden since Ricardo Maontalban is dead.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Did Shatner win that award? That is shocking.
I'm still not too concerned by what people think of the trailer. The director is good and Abrams established a great Trek universe. I'll reserve judgement for the movie.

Spacerguy said...

He sure did Alex. I simply couldn't believe my eyes, William Shatner winning a Saturn Award for Best Actor for the Wrath of Khan and not Ricardo Montalban who really got snubbed at the Saturns.

They tried Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness, Birgit. Some say Benedict Cumberbatch's villainous character Khan saved the movie from flat lining. I enjoyed the trailers which are exciting.

Tony Laplume said...

I remember nearly fainting when Entertainment Weekly reported how audiences booed at First Contact's trailer. But it's become a definite fan favorite, and aside from the new movies one of the most successful ones at the box office. Star Trek fans are so far away from being fair in just about all their opinions. It's difficult for me to reconcile the new movies with what fans say about them. But I've been saying that about Star Trek movies (and TV shows) for years.

Spacerguy said...

Star Trek First Contact got strong characters and a thrilling story to boot, Tony. I still remember cochranes warp ship preparing for its maiden warp flight. Then off it took like a rocket, I felt truly exhilarated seeing that thing go with Riker and Geordi as co-pilots, What could go wrong? The Borg thats what.

Blogoratti said...

Great thoughts and review, and sometimes trailers can indeed make a poor job of a good movie. Greetings!

cleemckenzie said...

But, but, but Shatner can't act. He IS Captain Kirk! Well, that's Hollywood for you.

As to critics there are some for everything you put out for public consumption.

Timothy Brannan said...

Very cool!
Love Star Trek. So really looking forward to this.

Tim Brannan
The Other Side: The A to Z of Adventure!

Jeffrey Scott said...

Another great theme. I wanted to do a Doctor Who related theme on my other blog, but opted out. I'm going to be far too busy with my main blog.
I love your theme. Will be here to read up on it every day. My two favourite Star Trek films so far are the Wrath of Grapes, I mean Kahn and First Contact. I do not like reboots to much, but the way Star Trek did it, made sense and I have loved the last two films they did.

Pat Hatt said...

I'll wait and see the movie first. Lin knows how to make a movie, so we'll see.

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

I loved the old Star Trek. Hope the new doesn't disappoint me.
I forgot to post my A to Z. Absent-minded me. Will do it later.

Samantha Redstreake Geary said...

I'm not worried. I've loved everything Abrams has brought to the Star Trek table so far. Cool theme. Hope to see some Tribbles in April!

AtoZ Theme Reveal_EOS

betty said...

Cute theme :) I thought the best Star Trek episode was the one with Trouble with Tribbles! Have fun with the challenge!


Bish Denham said...

I haven't a clue. I liked the humor in the trailer. And... I'm getting tired of movies being all about the special effects. I want more story and more character development. The latest Star Wars left me cold and unimpressed.

Susan Kane said...

James Cromwell/Cochran should have won for First Contact. Small role, but he nailed it.

Can't participate this year with A to Z. Complications everywhere.

Elizabeth said...

Sadly, I did not get into science fiction until after the classic Star Trek was fading away, but I enjoyed the new movies. Maybe I can learn more about classic Star Trek creatures through your A to Z posts :)

Susan Kane said...

Oh, I love the Star Trek monsters! Esp. the rock eater that borrows and makes perfectly round caves! And Spock does a mind meld and....

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