Monday, April 04, 2016


A is for Andorians Attack. Traditionally these guys stick to their guns. Their cool blue skin, freaky antennae (sensors) and white hair is a sensational phenomena. On stardate 3842.3 the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 has a saboteur lurking aboard. When a Tellarite Ambassador is murdered as the "Journey to Babel," is underway, suspicion falls on Spock's estranged father Sarek of Vulcan. The poor guy later collapses from a weak heart.
Sarek of Vulcan, Captain Kirk, Tellarite Ambassador, Andorian saboteur, Tellarite delegate, 

The plot thickens when Captain Kirk gets stabbed so now Mr Spock assumes command. Good grief! The bad guy Thelev, (William O' Connell) is an Orion with one goal. Attack!!! The killer assassin cleverly kits himself out in Andorian disguise. His mission? Create utter chaos and snuff out the over stuffed piggy in the mask! (Centre) The Orion ship following Captain Kirk's Enterprise is disabled and self destructs and soon afterwards our spy, Thelev commits suicide on the bridge!

Susie Plakson aka Tarah

So why all the cloak and dagger? Dilithiums of course! These precious crystals are harder than diamonds and power warp drive engines which the Vulcans, Tellarites, Orions and greedy Earthers all desperately need to power their ships.

Heres Susie Plakson playing an Andorian on Star Trek Enterprise. Shes a far cry from the female Q on Voyager and K'Ehleyr on Star Trek TNG! Isn't she amazing!

Did you feel sorry for the Tellarite Ambassador? Did he really deserve to wear that mask?

Live long and Prosper, Trekkers.


Jo said...

Wondered where you had got to. Captain Kirk stabbed, never!! Poor Sarek too, a nice guy.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Her outfit is definitely hotter.

Elephant's Child said...

I am so pleased to see you playing A-Z. Off to read your next entries now. Learning all the time.

Birgit said...

I love the Andorians and wished they were showcased more, possibly a lead character. I never liked the pig guy so I was happy he met his maker. This is another great episode introducing Sarek. Susan Plackson was so good in whatever she did. I always thought its was a dime to kill off her Klingon character

Deborah R. Hawkins said...

Hey, my kind of topic! :D

I'm just now watching TOS, and I'm pretty sure this is the next episode on my list. Hopefully I forget these spoilers by the time I watch it. lol

Jeffrey Scott said...

Somehow I missed that you were doing the AtoZ. I apologize and shall endeavour to catch up.
My favourite Andorian was Shran.

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