Monday, August 15, 2016

Las Vegas Convention for Star Trek 50th

William Shatner (Captain Kirk) who is not in the latest Star Trek Beyond film, spoke on Saturday at Creation Entertainment's Offical Las Vegas Convention for 6000 Star Trek fans.

 Celebrating Star Trek's 50th Anniversary was Walter Koenig (Pavel Chekov) sporting Adidas gear as the women of trek took to the stage featuring Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway) Bjo Trimble and Trekmovies Kayla Lacovino.

 In true leadership style Kate took command and cast aside any notion of being a damsel in distress who needed rescuing.

 “I have never called myself a feminist,” said Kate. "You don't complain and you don't explain."

 In a curious turn of events Trekmovies Kayla lacovino seems to have had a change of heart. “I’m happy to call myself a feminist because that’s what I am.”

 So you decide trekker, who would you put in charge of a starship? Kayla or Kathryn?

 Walter Koenig was asked if Star Trek 50 years later would still be going at warp speed,

“Who did? No one. We all thought it was over.”  

Heres what Walter said on Anton Yelchin's death and JJ Abrams decision to say goodbye to his character, Chekov.


 “This was an extraordinary person. Anton was a really, really good human being. We only spent a couple of hours on set, but he was special…it was very painful for that to have happened…I applaud JJ Abrams and his group’s decision not to recast Chekov for new movies.”

 Its interesting to note Walter Koenig had his own personal favorite Star Trek movie which surprisingly is not The Wrath of Khan.

 “I thoroughly enjoyed making [The Wrath of Khan], but the movie that taught me that we had something special was Star Trek IV. I read that script and knew we had a winner.”

 William Shatner reminisced about his old friend Leonard Nimoy and recalled the good times with fond memories.

 “When I’m asked most about what I remember about Leonard, it’s the laughter. He was so funny. We’d get on stage and I’d double over with laughter. I’ve got so many pictures of me hysterical with laughter.”

 To end his talk on the success of Star Wars vs Star Trek, William Shatner told us something about what differences made each sci-fi movie serial unique and special enough to shine in their own way.

 “Star Trek at its best tells human stories that are philosophical. There’s humanity, there’s something under the story, there’s a principle involved, and it’s well done. It’s about people. Star Wars was grand, like opera, and it was huge, and it had great special effects, and was a marvelously entertaining film, but wasn’t specifically about people the way most Star Treks were.”

Trekmovie have interesting dialogue up on their website. At Star Treks Las Vegas convention Whoopi Goldberg recounts answering a very direct question from Gene Roddenberry.

“Can I ask you a very upfront question?” Roddenberry asked, according
to Goldberg.
          “Can I ask you why you want to be on Star Trek?”
 “Don’t you know? You don’t know that we didn’t exist anywhere in
science fiction before you put Lt. Uhura on there?”
           Two weeks later, Roddenberry called and said

          “Whoopi, you actually are right.”
“Yes, sir. I know. Can I be on the show now?”

When I was a kid I loved sci-fi, I loved horror movies, I loved all these things,” she elaborated. “There were lots of folks on television, you could see black folks on television, but you never saw them in the future. And until Gene Roddenberry put a beautiful black woman, who was the communications officer – she wasn’t cleaning houses.
To see her in the future in charge of communications and being as hot as a woman could be to the point where even the aliens wanted her. You’d see Spock looking at her and you knew what he was thinking,” she said to great laughter. More seriously she added, “She was integral to their being able to survive wherever they were going.” 

Live Long and Prosper. 


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Can I be on the show now - funny.
I think that's a smart move not to have Chekov return.
Kathryn was no nonsense, so I'd probably pick her. Then again, her ship was lost for seven years...

Spacer Guy said...

The women of Star Trek are fascinating and while I was tempted to post a sexy picture of Zoe Saldana, (an authentic signed one at that too) but then I realized something. Zoe wasn't at the convention. So I'm saving her for a special occasion, haha.

Tony Laplume said...

It's surprising to me that Whoopi Goldberg's place in Star Trek lore can be so easy to overlook. I love that she had a significant part in Generations, and that she popped up again in Nemesis, well after people were actively casting her.

Elephant's Child said...

Hooray for Whoopi.
Love that Anton's role won't be recast. A fine tribute to him, as an irreplaceable man.

Birgit said...

I'd pick Kathryn all the way. She outwitted the Borg! Very sad about Anton especially since the recall came a week after he died. Love Walter Koenig between these 2 babes. The silver one cracks me up just like the original did.

Deb R.H. said...

Did you watch the 50 Years special Sunday? It was so good. Made me love Roddenberry more than I did before.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I would've loved to have been there.

Star Trek IV is still my favorite movie. It brought humor to the franchise.

G. B. Miller said...

I guess William Shatner still inspires decades after the original Star Trek. I saw on the new fiction shelf at my library a book entitled "The Autobiography of James T. Kirk".

Maurice Mitchell said...

What an amazing convention and Star Trek IV was excellent. I'd vote for Kate as captain everytime Spacer Guy. Thanks for sharing the convention with us. I feel like I was there!

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