Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Don Marshall Star Trek Actor dies at 80

On a sad note, well known Land of the Giants, Star Trek actor, Don Marshall passed away peacefully on Oct 30th. His daughter, son and twin brother Doug were at his bedside. He was 80. Don starred in Star Trek's classic "galileo-seven"  playing the spirited Lieutenant Boma.


Fans will remember him for challenging Mr Spock's insufferable logic when the shuttlecraft crash lands on planet Taurus II. We know the ion storm threw them off course but heres the thing. The G7 crew were low on fuel and had to achieve orbit.

So who gets to choose? demands Boma of Mr Spock. Meanwhile the creatures were attacking! Don Marshall will not be forgotten by fans, RIP Don and thanks for making us laugh.


  1. RIP, Don.

    Before Trek, he co-starred with Nichelle Nichols in a made for TV movie, Great Gettin' Up Mornin'.

  2. We have lost so much talent to death this year...

  3. As a part of that episode, he's assured a comfortable standing in Trek lore.

  4. I entirely agree Tony. Losing extra weight meant the rest of them could escape the planets gravitational pull when achieving orbit. The catch was someone had to be left behind. This just didn't sit well with Don Marshall's character "Boma" and he made sure Spock knew it.

  5. This is a nice tribute to a man I always liked and I wish I could see Land of the Giants again.

  6. It's always sad when we learn of an actor who has been on one of our beloved shows, dies.
    I remember this episodes, it was one of my favourites.


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