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Star Trek The Next Generation - Timescape

Airdate: 14th June 1993
Stardate: 46944.2
Writers: Brannon Braga
Season 6 episode #151

First off let me apologize for the long post, Timescape is complicated.

Even Captain Picard says, "Its going to take a little time to explain No 1"

In 1993 Star Trek The Next Generation's visually stunning "Timescape" episode hit our tv sets. You might even remember Captain Picard's USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D, Galaxy Class Flagship exploding in outerspace! But wait.... the TV set rewinds and voila, - the Enterprise-D is - shes alive and in one piece again! Hooray!!!! So what happened?


Timescape is Brannan Braga's second time travel script."It was one of those episodes that read better on paper," laughs the man himself. Adam Nimoy directed polishing it off nicely. Getting the crew to stand motionless wasn't easy....apparently.

Picard, Geordi, Data and Counselor Troi are chatting after a weary conference lecturing them about the effects of Deep Space assignments. Sounds exciting doesn't it? When three shuttle crew freeze up before Deannas eyes.  No-one really believes her - Its only when the freaky happens to Deanna.... Our friends have to put on brave faces but at least the open arms of home sweet Enterprise awaits. Right?

The crew are shocked to discover spherical temporal disturbances affecting time in the entire region, fast and slow. After altitude restoration, Geordi reports that the shuttles starboard anti matter pod is totally drained. Data also points out that according to the plasma conversion sensor, the the pods have been in continuous use for 47 days! Except thats not all.

Time is moving 50 times faster which Picard realizes after touching fruit. The dude literally flips out in agony, gasping, cradling his hand gingerly. So now its time to high tail it to the safety of the Enterprise-D.

 The enigma deepens because the Enterprise-D is motionless facing a D'deridex class Romulan Warbird. Everything about the Romulans seems wrong. The fact is at this point in time, we're not supposed to know who the bad guys are but the beauty is they look like Romulans!

To shed light on the mystery of the energy fire between both spaceships, Captain Picard's shuttle crew beam aboard his flagship to investigate. Geordi prepares frequencies on all the protective transporter time-bands, so everyones can move in the frozen timeline.

 When they get aboard, It turnouts that a warpcore breach is in progress. The breach will eventually consume the Enterprise at its current rate of speed in 9 hours. Picards temporal narcosis doesn't help matters which explains happy face time!!!.

The real brainteaser is why two aliens are running about the Enterprise trying to prevent a warp power transfer to the Warbird? For reasons unknown to us these guys are from another time dimension and they've screwed up. I mean have a heart!!! Unfortunately they mistook the Romulan Warbirds engine power source as a natural quantum singularity. Duh what??? natural quantum singularity. Seriously????

In other words the aliens use "black holes" as nests for their young aliens...... Okay I think my brains were melting right about now. Unfortunately the Romulan power source was a forced quantum singularity unsuitable for any lifeforms.

In order to restore time Picard remote controls his shuttle into the path of the energy transfer. Wasn't he clever?

The tension in Timescape builds exceptionally well but I reckon the alien lifeforms get a raw deal. They simply just hadn't a clue what they were doing. I mean what kind of alien parent put their kids incubating in a Romulan warpcore engine? Question:

Who in your opinion are the bad guys? The Romulans or the Aliens?

Live Long and Prosper!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The aliens were just misguided.
The smiley face was a nice touch!

Spacer Guy said...

It was wasn't it Alex, smiley was good to look at.

Susan Kane said...

A time quandry and time to chose who is worse than the other.

Spacer Guy said...

Commander Datas technobabble in this episode makes absolutely perfect sense... to Data. Once the shuttle navigated past the temporal time distortions, our heroes slapped on their armbands and investigated the frozen USS Enterprise-D. It sweet putting yourself in the picture Susan but our heroes figured out Aliens were at the root of the problem.

Tony Laplume said...

Really neat idea, but I don't think they really pulled it off. So the bad guys are kind of the producers with this one.

Nicola said...

Interesting questions posed. I can't critique - I just love them all. Great post.

Jeffrey Scott said...

In this case, it's the aliens for being stupid. I remember this episode. It's a classic. Love the smile face.

I recently started to rewatch the series. I'm on series four and was shocked last night when I came upon an episode I had never seen before. It involved Picard being stuck in a turbo lift with children while Deanna, Ro Laren and O'Brien were on the main bridge. Unfortunately, I fell asleep while watching it, but when I woke up, I saw Data's head sitting on a table. HUH? I'm going to have to watch it again tonight.

Spacer Guy said...

Thanks everyone. Rascals is great Jeffrey, I suspect you woke up to Datas head in TNG's Times Arrow, (: You'll see Datas head was found in a cave. Geordi, Riker and Data, I know it takes explaining, lol. Anyway Datas head is brought back to the Enterprise-D for analysis. Which is a trainteaser in itself because now theres two Datas.

Jeffrey Scott said...

Actually, the episode was "Disaster".
The Enterprise is without power, trapping Picard in a turbolift with three children and others in various locations. Command of the bridge falls to Counselor Troi who feels ill-prepared.

I will admit, at first I thought I was watching Time's Arrow, but it was still the same episode. So weird, I had never seen Data without the rest of his body in any other episode.
As I said, this was a brand new episode to me.

James Pailly said...

I'm surprised Braga said it "read better on paper." I always thought this was one of Star Trek's greatest episodes.

Birgit said...

I loved this episode. If you ask me if i understood but I loved it and always thought the Aliens were the baddies while the Romulans were misguided bad guys (reason for shooting Dr. Crusher). Loved the smiley face

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