Monday, November 21, 2016


Heres Star Trek's Original Series bloopers brought to us in living colour. These classic "out-takes" were rescued from the studio floor. The shows creator Gene Roddenberry had them spliced together without telling Leonard Nimoy (12.35) or the rest of the crew. In them we see Captain Kirk kissing a beautiful blond bombshell in a red mini-skirt.

All the awesomeness it took to get Star Trek TOS onto film are here. Our defender of female virtue enjoyed his job but judging from the laughs snafus just constantly happened.

Skip ahead to 6mins 17secs and we discover William Shatner having a makeup meltdown.

The guy spends 3 whole hours getting plastered in make-up to age Captain Kirk for Star Trek's classic "Deadly Years" and what happens?

The studio doors were locked up and everyone had gone home!

'Bob Justman, I'm going home now. after spending three hours putting this fracking makeup back on.....and its your fault!

How would you have reacted?

Live Long and Prosper.


The Armchair Squid said...

Those are fun! There's something particularly magical about seeing Nimoy break character.

Birgit said...

OMG! That was fun to watch. I remember when I was much, much younger and VCR or was it beta?? Anyway, a commercial came out showcasing a the bloopers from Star Trek. I remember the scene where the one guy slid across the floor and the number of times Kirk ran into the door. Later I could see Shatner slightly hesitate before going through the entrance.

Spacer Guy said...

Guys its great watching these bloopers over and over again because they are revealing.

Tony Laplume said...

Now, just imagine if the series itself had been preserved that poorly...!

cleemckenzie said...

The outtakes are almost better than the show! However, I was a Trekkie at one time along with my entire family, so seeing this made me feel very old. I remember when seeing 1930's movies looked archaic, now it's my era that's archaic.

Loved the behind the scenes look.

Truedessa said...

haha - I needed a laugh - thanks that was fun!

Jeffrey Scott said...

That was an interesting find. Blooper reels are always a lot of fun. We get so engrossed in who each character is, we tend to forget they are just actors.

Maurice Mitchell said...

I do love these bloopers. It shows that behind the scenes they had so much fun and it translated to the show. Wonderful find Spacer Guy

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