Monday, January 16, 2017


Actor Chris Hemsworth is excited about starring in the new movie Star Trek 4. The Avengers superhero "Thor" and Captain James T Kirks father "George Kirk" made his debut while aboard the (USS Kelvin) in Star Trek 2009. -


Apparently Chris is rumoured to return for the next blockbuster Star Trek sequel. Word is Producer J.J. Abrams has pitched two versions of Captain Kirk to intersect along the space time continuum for Paramount Pictures/fan approval in Star Trek Beyond's sequel.

At this stage speculation is wild over at Cinemablend over how our master of cliffhangers J. J. Abrams will exhilarate fans when Star Trek 4 hits theaters. MTV caught up with Chris Hemsworth on the Red Carpet of the Golden Globes. Chris has confirmed that Star Trek 4 is going to happen.

Hemsworth: "he’s got an amazing sort of pitch on the whole thing"
In further developments at Slashfilm J.J. Abrams has confirmed

Abrams: “the reason we made a deal with Chris Hemsworth as soon as we could” was because they have concocted a really “amazing story.” 

The good news is Paramount Pictures has confirmed that Chris Hemsworth has signed up so its a done deal!



Could George Kirk have survived in Star Trek 2009 and emerged through the other side of a black hole in some time travel twist?

Live long and Prosper.


  1. Why not? Sounds like an interesting plot twist.
    I'd forgotten he was Kirk's father. The dude is in just about every successful franchise these days. Wonder if he'll be in Star Wars next?

  2. Chris is really making a career out of these movie 'franchises', isn't he?

  3. Never knew Hemsworth was in that movie. He looks very different without the beard.

  4. Hmm.
    I have only seen Chris Hemsworth in ads for Foxtel. I haven't warmed to him.

  5. I forgot he was in these, too. But the only movie logic I need is "because Chris Hemsworth." Alright then, sold.

  6. Whoa. That would be quite a twist and an interesting one - especially if he's relatively the same age as his son.

  7. He's a darned good looking dad for Captain Kirk to have had. Good casting choice.

  8. He's one of the many elements people've forgotten were in the 2009 reboot, but that was actually his big break, and I thought he absolutely nailed it, so I'm very excited to see George Kirk return.

  9. Glad to see him back in the fold... though I'm not sure I'm on board with bringing characters back from the dead. Even less enthused about time travel.

    But I'll still go see it.

  10. Anything can happen in Star Trek. Kirk survived being in a space suit in the Tholian's web. Picard survived becoming a Borg and how many times did a black hole help the Star Trek clan. This sounds good.

  11. I must say, he's easy on the eyes.
    May the force stay with you.

  12. G Kirk could have been drawn in thru the Dark Hole, make a time change, and shows up somewhere in Pine's timeline.
    I'll take it.

  13. Sounds like it will be interesting!

  14. Well, there's definitely some time travel happening there. It'll be interesting to see how they work him in. Didn't I just see something about someone playing Spock's father, too? Like today. Makes you wonder what sort of plot needs the parents of the main characters...

  15. of course! sounds awesome! i have enjoyed these newer versions of Star Trek, looking forward to more! and love Hemsworth =)

    also, thanks for stopping by my Cradle Rock release party at Diane's!
    happy friday!
    Tara Tyler Talks


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