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Today we have a Star Trek fan taking the reigns at Star Trek Sci Fi Blog! Welcome aboard Adam Joseph from the USS Sports Machine. Adam writes articles and publishes sports stories and now Adams words in science fiction will be energizing our thoughts. Take it away trekker :)

Star Trek is a cult classic that has turned from what once was a small show into a lifestyle for many sci-fi fans. In the 80s and 90s, Star Trek was once again broadcast into the homes of millions with the installment of episodes titled The Next Generation. The series boldly explored "where no-one has gone before" aboard the newly commissioned USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D. Only years after the massive success of Star Trek Next Generation, producers decided to create another series, Deep Space Nine. This series was set upon a space station so as to not conflict with The Next Generation's 176 starship adventures.

Deep Space Nine was vastly underrated by many in the 90s but became much more popular as the years went on. Critics now praise the show for in-depth character building and brilliant stories.  This has created a deep fanbase that has continued on until our modern day. With many new novels coming out every year, there is a very strong group of individuals in the Star Trek community who are looking to learn more about this space station. This makes a reboot seem very feasible and likely for Deep Space 9.

Will Deep Space 9 get a reboot or possibly hit the big screen someday?



Liz A. said...

I rather liked DS9, even at the time. I stopped watching as my work schedule at the time conflicted. (Ah, the days before the DVR...)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

DS9 was always my favorite. The stationary station did allow for more character development and a lot of intricate stories. I'd really rather not see a reboot though.

Spacer Guy said...

Liz fans like us hope to see DS9 in Blu-Ray however Robert Meyer Burnett has stated Extremely disappointing TNG Blu Ray sales as a factor for not releasing DS9 on Blu-ray

Alex even if DS9 were in the running for Blu-Ray release the last few CGI seasons would make it more expensive to remaster than its less sophisticated counterparts like TNG and TOS which used original ships and sets.

Tony Laplume said...

I really wonder if Paramount would ever consider a reboot. Companies tend to fixate on the brands with most exposure, which would make Next Generation the next logical choice, and there would be a lot of ripe material to explore with Picard's crew. If the studio wanted war razzle-dazzle, obviously DS9 would be a great choice, but that would then require someone to be equally interested in the rich tapestry of characters available, too.

Spacer Guy said...

Alex and Tony, I reckon you've just stated the sentiments of the Studio echoed in trekland. Star Treks new TV series Discovery seems to be soaking up all the limelight right now, its true TNG has a huge impact with over half the franchise available on Blu-Ray and HD streaming. A lot of issues seem to be at stake here. Theres always the issue of money - sales, high costs to remaster, marketing and showing two parter episodes in cinemas. Not to mention legal issues and pay. So for now we've got Star Trek Discovery. The big issue is media and streaming but thats another story.

Susan Kane said...

I'd love to see it reboot. The characters had depth, interest.

The Armchair Squid said...

Of all the series, DS9 is the one I know the least. I haven't avoided it so much as I just haven't gotten around to it much. My daughter is currently interested in Trek, though. We're working our way through TNG right now but I'm hoping I can tempt her with DS9, too.

Why not reboot? Why not a movie? DS9 provides an unusual perspective in that it's not a starship story. I like that.

S Adams said...

Reboot DS9? Now, that's food for thought. I know I'd watch it.

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