Monday, March 20, 2017


Wakey, wakey, ahh ahh Nooooo, please! Who doesn't want to dream about STAR TREK?, with Earthers and Alien species exploring the universe in futuristic spaceships searching for M-class planets. It's all too fantastic to be a dream.

 I reluctantly wake up bleary-eyed, it's Monday morning, oh Gawd Nooooo... time for work.....that place... my real, get me out of here life....ugh....I drag the bed covers back over my head and grab another 5 mins aboard my starship.... But searching the stars could happen someday, right?

 So here I am... Captain of the USS Nightfall NCC 1703. While proceeding towards the most beautiful and nearest star system, Alpha Centauri, why not analyze Star Trek's unique system of warp travel. Warp One being equivalent to, The Speed of Light exactly 186,282 miles per second which is like Duh what? How does that work?


Now pointy ears is piping up.

VULCAN SCIENCE OFFICER: All indications are given our current impulse speed, I estimate four years on our present course to reach the nearest star system Captain.

CAPTAIN: Come again? Is this Alice and Wonderland? Warp Speed?

VULCAN SCIENCE OFFICER: Non-Operational Captain. Terraforming, uninhabitable worlds under 21st-century conditions will be a feat of engineering. The Earth Federation enforces very strict regulations to protect indigenous lifeforms.

CAPTAIN: "Duh...what? Doubletalk, I want answers." I reply.

VULCAN SCIENCE OFFICER: At our current reduced velocity of less than the speed of light. It's looking hopeless Captain. Warpspeed is impossible.

CAPTAIN: Wonderful. Just Wonderful.

VULCAN SCIENCE OFFICER: It may not be possible to deliver terraformers to their designation safely. The amount of time we have to traverse the galaxy is limited. In order for me to complete the Kolinahr disciplines at the Gol temple of Vulcan purging the last of my emotions, we'd likely risk affecting the natural balance of order in the universe.

CAPTAIN: but this is supposed to be the UFP.... Screeching alarm clock.... smack...

VULCAN SCIENCE OFFICER: Such a journey might in fact, take many hundreds of years into the future at sublight speed..... or delve into the past if we had warp speed.

CAPTAIN: Our descendants making the same trip might not even remember why we're making the trip in the first place.

VULCAN SCIENCE OFFICER   sQuite logical Captain.

CAPTAIN: Well, I'm glad we agree on something. So that leaves the Slingshot Effect around the sun doesn't it?


So there you have it trekkers. Is this a dream with a dream?  Well, you decide! Maybe I had too much beer, lol. but you'll never guess who turned up! Our Klingon Warrior friends no less, haha!  These guys wanted to know how in blue blazes I ended up on the moon all by myself drinking beer. Anyone care enough to figure out how I drank the beer?

 So here I am offering the Klingons a Saurian_brandy instead, haha... one more for the road.....

Qapla! Where would you have photo-shopped the Klingon Bird of Prey hovering by Earth's gravity.

How would you rate this story as an entertainment piece?



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Unless you have special tubing going into your suit, I don't think you are enjoying your beer.
Although without warp speed - and stuck on the moon - you have time to figure it out.

Spacer Guy said...

Thank I guess what's needed is a proper starship with a stimulant like cordradine to spice me up on the way home. Magic and slight of hand does the rest!

Liz A. said...

Does the beer stay in the bottle? You're not at micro gravity, so probably, right. The moon is one-sixth the gravity. Which begs the question, does beer work in micro gravity? Is it like water?

Spacer Guy said...

I'll have to plead the 5th on this one Liz. You guys will have to settle for this unknown person drinking with the moon in 1910. A magician never tells A magician never tells

Truedessa said...

I wonder how you might drink that beer, I have to say you have an amazing view. Would that be like enjoying a drink at sunset? It could be a dream, one never knows.

Spacer Guy said...

Its a sweet horizon with the Klingon battle cruiser coming to get me, or maybe we could build a campfire together Truedessa and sing the warrior's anthem when they say hello to us.

Truedessa said...

Ok Liz set it up "does beer work in micro gravity" of course if it is a micro beer. Haha

I know I'm bad, but I couldn't resist.

Ok, I am good with a campfire and yes we could sing the warrior's anthem, after all, we are space warriors. "Greetings, Klingons"

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Story is adorable! Don't know if that was what you were going for...but that's my opinion. ;) And your graphic rocks! That's the coolest picture I've seen on any blog in a long time.

Perspectives at Life & Faith in Caneyhead #AtoZChallenge

Birgit said...

Does a gopher and Abe Lincoln somehow enter into this dream? I found this totally entertaining since I am also saying "WHA???" Now as for you drinking a beer on the moon, who is in the reflection? It looks like Luke Skywalker on one of those camel kangaroos

Spacer Guy said...

Klingons do not take prisoners Truedessa, so hey, I figure how about some beer? It might affect their target practice later on and what have I got to lose?

My original story entertains a visit to Mars. I just hope I can outwit the Klingons long enough Barbara.... haha.

Star Trekking is always fun to write about. I enjoy the science in Star Trek and often use dialogue to curry a sense of urgency. Its my dream to write a Star Trek novella Birgit but there's so much to consider now. Ripping the brand off would be tantamount to complete failure. So critical feedback on this story is vital. Well now, tbh the man drinking beer on the moon is an anonymous creation, LOL. Cats out of the bag... So I photoshopped a Klingon Bird of Prey to create a sense of impending urgency, haha!

Truedessa said...

Can you outwit a Klingon? Create a diversion of some sort? Can't you just say "Beam me up" ? I am just curious. How will get out of this situation? Perhaps there is a hidden starship waiting? My mind is just wandering :(

Spacer Guy said...

Captain Kirk beamed up in Wrath of Khan but how do you substitute 23rd-century technology? Only time has the answer.

Arlee Bird said...

I've rarely had dreams about space travel, but it might be nice so long as it wasn't a nightmare.

Arlee Bird
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The Armchair Squid said...

I don't know if I have ever had a sci-fi dream. I enjoyed yours!

Tony Laplume said...

Loved it.

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