Wednesday, April 05, 2017


D is for Dax . Everyone knows Jadzia Dax  from DS9. Actress Terry Farrell is a smash hit at Star Trek conventions and still looks great. Take a good look because Terry is everywhere. Jadzia regularly starred in Deep Space Nine as a Starfleet Science Officer . Her backstory is she worked very hard and underwent Symbiosis by joining with Curzon "Dax" who died but transferred his memories. How I hear you cry, well lets just say it involved a creature, lol.

 Jadzia is a brilliant scientist and serving as a "host" for "Dax" is the greatest honour a Trill can give.

What would you say to Terry Farrell at a Star Trek convention?

Live Long and Prosper.



Bill Nicholls said...

Never been to a star trek convention but I would love to see one.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Do those spots go all the way down...?
She was sexy all right!

Jeffrey Scott said...

I don't recall Dax wearing this on DS9.

Spacer Guy said...

Go dude, just go! Its another world Bill. You betcha Alex, I have a pic of her somewhere. Thats because she probably didn't, Jeff. Just go with the flow and Jadzia will make out in your dreams, hehe.

Bob R Milne said...

LOL - I'm with Alex. I always wanted to know how and where those spots continued down beneath the uniform.

Elephant's Child said...

So much for the white coat and glasses nerdy scientist image.

Liz A. said...

I was so surprised when she left the show. What season was that? Her character fascinated me.

Birgit said...

Of all the Star Trek shows I never got into this one. Her outfit must make all make Star Trek geeks lose any ability to talk:)

Tony Laplume said...

Liz, she left at the end of the sixth season (one season remaining), and ended up starring for a few years with Ted Danson in Becker.

Birgit, that wasn't her costume on the show. She spent six seasons in a regulation Starfleet uniform, thank you.

For the, ah, uninitiated, Jadzia became Jadzia Dax thanks to the Dax symbiont, a slug-like creature (a concept introduced by Next Generation's appropriately named "The Host," by the way) passed on to her by Curzon, who had been friends with Sisko. Which is why Sisko always referred to the young woman Jadzia as "Old Man."

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