Monday, May 29, 2017


 Here's another Star Trek Discovery trailer with impressive CGI. We know Netflix bought trek's global streaming rights for CBS' new Sci-Fi series, #StarTrekDiscovery. Headhonchos must be pretty confident Star Trek Discovery will yield latinum bars for CBS and Netflix! right?  Here's why...

DOUG JONES AKA LT SARU, SONEQUA MARTIN-GREEN AKA LT COMMANDER MICHAEL BURNAM , Michelle Yeoh aka Captain Georgiou all aboard the U.S.S. Shenzhou

 On July 2016, CBS Studios International licensed the series to Netflix for release outside the United States and Canada, a "blockbuster" deal that paid for the show's entire budget. At around $6–7 million per episode, the series' high allowance is attributed to the importance of Star Trek as one of CBS's "crown-jewel franchises", and CBS's need for the series to be "the marquee selling point for subscriptions" to All Access. -wikipedia-

 The question remains what type of Star Trek series are Star Trek fans getting? Well Trekkers, its trek showtime! Feast your eyes on Discovery's heavy hitters rocking the universe. So what are we getting? BATTLE STATIONS! RED ALERT!!!!

In the real world Discovery is loaded with tons of acting ability but what about personality to boldly flesh out Gene Roddenberry's action packed optimistic future? .....filled with humanism, and desire to reason out strange unknowns stacked against incredible alien odds when racing against time at emergency warp speeds,

 Here are some classic series examples:  The Devil in the Dark, The Trouble with Tribbles, Amok Time, Arena, Mirror Mirror, and of course City on the Edge of Forever.

 Trek's "50th anniversary" San Diego Comic-Con, revealed Star Trek Discovery has been developed with the Prime Timeline in mind to keep current movies and the now seven TV series completely separate. To boldly go where no-one has gone before!


The video action sequence of "Captain Georgiou of the U.S.S. Shenzhou" proves shes definitely in the middle a crises. She will I believe have to "Picard her geekspeak up" If Georgiou expects to communicate to dark alien life-forms without even firing off a shot!



 "Forget the Picard, "Kirk" attitude is required here, which is exactly what First Officer, Lt Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) of the USS Discovery is yelling about. "WE TARGET ITS NECK AND C*T OFF ITS H**D!" okay so she can be forgiven for having an emotional outburst about taking drastic measures... I mean, aren't these powerful words to hear in Star Trek?..... but that's Show biz!....

Is it possible for CBS producers to cross the line in Science Fiction? Is Star Trek Discovery appealing to a horror Sci-Fi (mature audience) with this sort of drama?


Now ask yourself....Why man has ceased squabbling, embraced reason, tolerance and rejected violence exercising goodwill, cherishing art and science, respect towards other lifeforms and is trying to spread a welcome spirit of humanity in Star Trek's current TV shows. Its not hard to believe why people would like to live or work in a decent environment like that. These were some of Gene Roddenberry's ideals depicting Star Treks place in the future.

Now with the arrival of Star Trek Discovery are we up ending the bottle of Sci-Fi Horror all for the sake of some fun and a few dollars more? Star Trek is one of the last barometer of the Wests Social justice for all but heres the thing...

"You can be serious about Star Trek - but Star Trek doesn't take itself too seriously" 


Whose got the moxy to make the first move? How will these ANGRY KLINGONS react? BECAUSE they're definitely on about something, or is Starfleet's true blue diplomacy the answer.... seriously would Gene Roddenberry have given the green light or Barrack O'Bama who's a "sucker for Star Trek" have given the Presidential Executive Order to fire on the Klingons, all for the sake of producing good drama?

AWWWW c'mon!!!!! Wheres our humanity??? on the other hand... should the USS Shenzhou OR the USS Discovery go after the Klingons? Is it time to set our phasers on KILL or STUN

I'm kicking the ball over to you guys, so you decide but decide you MUST!
KILL or STUN the Klingons? Its a tough cookies if we get caught in the crossfire! 




Is Starfleet's precious United Federation of Planets going to break its own Prime Directive? War or Peace? When Star Trek Discovery hits the airwaves later this year, trekkers can be sure this show will be really something worth looking out for.

Which side of Star Trek's human adventure do you want to see in a new TV show like Star Trek Discovery?  

1. Where's our humanity or 
2. Lets go find some Klingons and target Aliens for gunslinging practise?
3.  Suggest one of your own!

Live Long and Prosper!


Birgit said...

It's all about humanity! Come on!!! We don't want to be a gunslinging our way is the right way, kind of thinking when it comes to Star Trek. Now...why do they keep changing the Klingons? Keep the, as they looked in ST:TNG. love Michelle Yeoh and hope this will work. Now will this show be on regular CBS? I don't have HBO or NEtflix so I hope i can watch it. I couldn't see the video here...won't play for Canadia viewers...bummer.

Liz A. said...

I guess I'm going to have to spring for the CBS streaming thing. Once I figure out how to stream the internet to my TV. It might not be possible.

Spacer Guy said...

Great question Birgit. CBS is already in profit, Netflix pays upfront for the new Star Trek Discovery show Globally. The cast at Pinewood studios have made 15 episodes to date. All CBS has to do now is sit back and stream their own service for everyone to watch Discovery in the USA. There is a site where you can sign up and try CBS ALL Access for free! Its a rough deal International Broadcasters aren't covered entirely by Netflix excluding the USA and Canada but thats by design and so unfair on fans. Its an obvious teaser for Star Trek fans to shake some coinage from us with this new $5.99 monthly All access service... I can't say I'm not tempted.

Canada viewers: Apparently Bell Media are rolling out the new Star Trek Discovery for you guys on Network CTV which will co-incide with the launch of Discovery on CBS. Heres the lowdown

Spacer Guy said...

Its worth a try Liz, Star Trek entertainment is going down the social media viral route. Its impossible to get the best TV/news/latest social media events without being hooked up. I have to confess CBS are trying their best to lure in every single Star Trek fan and TV/movie addict out there.

Susan Kane said...

Thanks for the site info. This ST: Discovery has some weighty talent. Michelle Leoh is perfect to be Captain.

To boldly go...

Spacer Guy said...

M. Leoh might be the surprise everyone tuning in for ST: Discovery party is hoping Star Trek will deliver.

Deb R.H. said...

I want to see how many adaptations of Klingons we're going to get hahaha. I'm currently watching TOS for the first time, and the originals were just cringe-worthy. While I thought the Into Darkness version was cool, I'm very partial to TNG/DS9's version.

I'm also here for a little horror and Kirkian loose cannonism lol. Bring it on!

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