Monday, February 19, 2018


In episode 121, THE ARSENAL OF FREEDOM, The USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D is following the trail which leads to a technologically advanced civilized world Minos, devoid of any human lifeforms except for two chatty holograms.

 So when the Enterprise away team beam down, Riker is greeted by a facsimile of his friend Paul Rice in the jungle who is in fact..... one of the planets deadly weapon systems


 Meanwhile killer drones swoop in for the kill and attack.  QUESTION: Why is sophisticated technical equipment still functioning on a planet devoid of life? We soon learn from the proud Echo Pappa Series 607 Salesman!

 Crusher is hurt by her fall into the Cavern and heres a machine still analysing Riker, Data and Tasha for humanoid target practise so it can construct stronger deadlier weapons! Now that only happens in Star Trek!

Why the doctor and Captain beam down is a mystery, after plunging 50 feet into a Cavern Beverly struggles for her life while Laforge is in starship command and this offers him a huge challenge, as the planet soon begins attacking the ship as well.

 Basically it's a tale of survival as well as of growth for Laforge. Very simple, very direct and yet very enjoyable. Worth watching. SO whose side were you rooting for? -  1. the USS Enterprise-D "beam down" awayteam or 2. the Minos search and destroy drones?

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkers

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