Monday, March 05, 2018

Star Trek Discovery Going Badly or Boldly?

1 Star Trek: The Original Series
2 Star Trek: The animated Series
3 Star Trek: The Next Generation
4 Star Trek: Voyager
5 Star Trek: DS9
6 Star Trek: Enterprise
7 Star Trek: Discovery

Heres a list of deep space, high tech, Star Trek TV shows, warping through space with our fab trek crews high fiving space monsters, I mean to see our heroes battling chaos in the galaxy is an absolute buzz but lets get serious. I won't take long. I promise. At least 7 of these battle cruisers were commissioned on Earth with Starfleet picking up the tab since the Federations charter in 2161. Impressive aren't they?

 So lets do some historic starship searching. Trekkers recognise creators Matt Jefferies and Andrew Probert seen here with the show's founding creator Gene Roddenberry....

 but let's not forget Bryan Fuller who some say went completely mad after co-creating Star Trek Discovery, poor chap. Oh well, nevermind, The USS Enterprise represented true hope, vast technology, and service to humankind.... which leads me to one last thing. Awards.

and here they are...

1 Emmy Award
2 Hugo Awards
3 Saturn Award
4 TV Land Awards
5 Television Critics Association Awards
6 Writers Guild of America
7 Oscars
8 Golden Globes

Star Trek has won many awards over the years because so much is right about it. Star Trek is such a cool catchy brand too with a neat ring to it. In fact I love Star Trek and wowsers now we have Star Trek Discovery.

So now heres the greatest battle of them all. Star Trek vs Discovery. Deciding which one has one has won the most Awards is just a click away, unless you already know.

How do you think Star Trek Discovery did at the Golden Globes? Going Badly or Boldly?

Live long and Prosper


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Seeing as they didn't win anything, I'd say not well.

Spacer Guy said...

Star Trek TMP, Star Trek Beyond and ST Into Darkness were the only movies listed that I could see at the Golden Globes Alex

Liz A. said...

Awards for sci fi are traditionally light. But awards are stupid, anyway, amirite?

Maurice Mitchell said...

Its always surprising how few Emmys the shows have earned through the years. Great list

Spacer Guy said...

Toys for millionaires Liz?

Thanks Maurice, Rick Berman said the same about Star Trek TNG.

Gina Gao said...

This was an interesting post! Thanks for sharing.

Deb R.H. said...

With the way they presented Discovery and how you have to watch it, and also THE KLINGONS!, I didn't think it would get much viewer attention, let alone award nods.

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